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Cryptocurrencies vs. Terrestrial Currencies– What’s the Difference?


Over the past few years, we’ve been hearing more about cryptocurrencies and how they are set to change the future of how we transact online. Of course, currently, the most well-known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, a name that has been grabbing news headlines all over the world. As Bitcoin becomes more famous, and as more people begin to invest in it, many are asking the question, what’s the difference between a cryptocurrency and a normal (terrestrial) currency?

Essentially, cryptocurrencies only exist online. You can buy your cryptocurrency from certain online sites, such as a Bitcoin exchange, by exchanging your regular currency for it. As with any normal currency, there is a certain conversion rate at which Bitcoin (for example) is valued at. The really big difference with cryptocurrencies is that unlike regular currencies such as USD or Euros, there is no central bank or government controlling it. Even better, you don’t even need a bank account to buy Bitcoin, or any form if ID, making it ideal for online gambling.

Other types of cryptocurrency such as Zerocoin are now gaining prominence in new ways, such as powering the world’s first 0% house edge online casino, ZeroEdge. Now, gamblers that are tired of always being ripped off by online casinos, where every game is skewed in the casino’s favor, can enjoy true 50-50 casino gambling.

Check out how it all works down below.

ZeroEdge.Bet – Revolutionary online gambling platform with 0% house edge games

ZeroEdge is a unique concept set to revolutionize the way you gamble online. Currently, all online casino games come with a house edge, i.e. the advantage that the casino has over you, which varies between 1% to 10% or more, depending on the game. ZeroEdge’s solution – offer games with 0% house edge and give players a completely fair chance of winning. In other words, playing at ZeroEdge.Bet is literally free, you don’t have to pay anything to the casino like it’s with traditional online casino sites.

The most amazing part is that Zerocoin value increases as more people join the world first 0% edge gambling platform. It is all achieved by creating a closed-loop economy in which high demand for 0% games drives Zerocoin’s value up. This model is also known as Metcalfe’s law which was originally invented in 1993 and can be seen in the actual Bitcoin’s price growth. ZeroEdge offers a unique gambling model which potentially could revolutionize the $70 Billion gambling industry. Players won’t be losing money but instead earning from the increasing Zerocoin value.

We have made a survey & asked hundreds of people about their gambling preferences & experiences.  The main finding was that 99 % of them stated that they would choose 0% house edge games to play if such games were available. High demand for the world’s first 0% house edge games will increase the Zerocoin value exponentially. An important task for us will be to educate the players and raise their attention to this beneficial concept.

Zerocoins (ZERO) will be available to investors during an upcoming ICO. Visit to find out more.


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