Cryptocurrency mining has a very negative reputation these days. Electricity usage concerns have been highlighted by numerous studies. There is also the emerging cryptojacking threat to keep in mind. However, and TraceLocke Brazil give crypto mining a better reputation through a screensaver which supports charities.

Mining for Charitable Reasons

Cryptocurrency can play a big role in the charity and donation industry. Its global nature and low fees make for an attractive model to help those in need. A new screensaver which uses Monero mining for social good is making the rounds. It is a project created by and TraceyLocke Brazil, a marketing firm. Combining convenience with cryptocurrency donations is an option that many people can get behind.

The screensaver uses up a bit of idle CPU power. Once it is active, it will begin mining Monero for the Foundation. Although not much money will be generated per machine, several thousand people installing it can still make a difference. It will all depend on how popular this screensaver effort turns out to be in the long run.

A new cryptocurrency mining screensaver will raise money for the Foundation. hopes to have thousands of computers around the world run this screensaver. The longer it remains active, the more money will be generated on behalf of the Foundation, which states its purpose by saying:

We believe sustainable, positive social change can only occur when citizens are empowered to raise their voices. We support people, many with direct experience of the injustice and inequality, to lead campaigns tackling issues affecting their countries and communities.


Recognizing there are movements and issues that transcend borders and affect multiple regions, we coordinate a series of international projects, with a current focus on women’s rights and democratic participation.

A Positive Spin on Crypto Mining

Initiatives like this help redeem the concept of mining cryptocurrency. This business model has received a lot of negative attention over the past year and a half. Growing concerns over the electricity being wasted on mining have made media headlines. 

Some regions welcome Bitcoin miners with open arms. Canada and Iceland are two countries which stand out. Japan is also looking to attract more crypto miners in the coming months. All of these countries provide access to cheap and abundant renewable energy. For mining operators, it offers new opportunities to explore.

This screensaver venture can prove to be successful. It is open source software which can be adopted by other NGOs. A new wave of positive cryptocurrency mining ventures can be introduced because of this approach by and TraceyLocke Brazil. Bringing more positive attention to cryptocurrency is always highly desirable.

Will you be using this new screensaver? Let us know in the comments below.

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