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Cryptocurrency Users Beware: Clipboard Hijacker Malware Poses a Big Threat


Malware has become a lucrative business for cybercriminals. Most of these attempts are linked to cryptocurrency activity in one way or another. The growth in popularity of Bitcoin and altcoins has spawned a new trend of cryptocurrency clipboard hijacking tools.

Modifying Clipboard Information

Sending cryptocurrency to other people is not a straightforward process. Wallet addresses are complicated strings of numbers and letters. Copying said information to the built-in Windows clipboard is a very common practice. It is also this approach which has sparked a new generation of cryptocurrency-related malware. The rise in popularity of Cryptocurrency Clipboard Hijackers should not be underestimated.

This particular type of malware can have disastrous consequences. It monitors the Windows clipboard for any cryptocurrency address being copied and pasted. Once such information is detected, the malware will change this copied address. For users who do not double-check the recipient information, money can be sent to the wrong individual.

Cryptocurrency Clipboard Hijackers are not a new trend. Most of those previous iterations have never achieved any notable success. However, there is a big change in how this type of malware operates. New versions can monitor for over 2.3 million different cryptocurrency addresses. The malware puts thousands, if not millions, of crypto enthusiasts at risk.

Cryptocurrency clipboard malware

Keeping One’s Cryptocurrency Safe

Distribution of this malware occurs in many different ways. Since it targets Windows users, installing any untrusted software should be avoided at all costs. Even visiting unknown websites can lead to malware installation in the background. It does not appear the malware is distributed through email campaigns at this time. That situation may still change in the coming weeks.

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, updating security software is always a good idea. It is a background-running malware which never shows up as an active Windows process. Antivirus developers are working on updates to ensure this threat can be identified.

Copying cryptocurrency wallet addresses will always be a risky business. Double-checking the information is always necessary first and foremost. Additionally, directly scanning QR codes can avoid issues caused by this malware as well. There is a very real chance more of these malware types will come to market as cryptocurrency grows more popular.

Have you been impacted by cryptocurrency clipboard malware? Let us know in the comments below.

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