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CryptoGames Review: A Modern Crypto Gambling Space


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As a part of the new dimensions added in the digital entertainment platforms, the use of Cryptocurrencies in the transaction systems has become the new normal nowadays. And one of the significant examples of that is the incorporation of the most happening digital finance in online gambling. Today there are hundreds of online casinos that have enabled crypto transactions on their websites. Each one of them is built with the latest technologies to support fully functioning crypto gambling. This evolution has started to set the gambling sector apart from any other entertainment sector online.

CryptoGames offers value-worthy entertainment for both veteran gamblers who enjoy classic gambling and modern gamblers who seek innovative games to wager on. The casino also without a fail provides consistent services to its players using the latest systems. From flexible options of 10 cryptocurrencies to choose from, CryptoGames offers 9 virtual games and various wagering policies for gamblers. Behind the operation is its owner company MuchGaming B.V located at the heart of Curacao.

Listed below are all the things a player can find at the casino. Starting with its list of Games-


The rolling cube of luck appears in a modern crypto version for all. The game of Dice is offered as the first game on the list. Through the Play Now tab on the top of the website, players get directed to one of the easiest games on board. Offering a great winning fidelity ranging from 0.000 to 99.999, Dice also takes itself ahead of others with its progressive Jackpots.

The objective of the game: Correctly predict the outcome of the bet and then roll your dice. If you make the correct prediction, the outcome will be a winning roll and if it doesn’t match it then you will have to roll again. To make the prediction, you will have two conditions as your choices. One number will be higher than the other. You need to guess if your dice roll will be on the higher end or lower.


The game is played by spinning a European Roulette that has 37 numbers and only one 0. The version offered at the casino comes with an American version payout table but it has a profitable house edge of the European version.

The game is designed to match the authentic roulette wheel and betting table that can be seen at a casino. Before the wheel is spun, players determine the amount of bet they want to place. Then by placing the chips on the betting table, they determine the neighbor bets.

The objective of the game: Carefully choosing the neighbor bets on the wheel so that the ball lands in one of them and returns a profit. Neighbour bets can be chosen with the help of the 4 predetermined settings available on the game board.


The visual of the game is aptly curated to resemble an actual slot machine that many will find in a bustling casino. The reels have no lag while the machine spins them and every symbol on the reels is as neat as it can get.

The objective of the game: Land any one of the 7 winning combinations in a spin. The symbols don’t have to follow any specific order to line up in the middle. The slot comes with pretty basic rules hence it is as lucrative as it can get. To hit spin, players must set their bet’s size or amount according to their preference first. Then the reels will spin for a specified short time and then display a line of symbols. There are 5 symbols for the 5 reels. After a spin, if a player’s Slot lines up any winning combinations in the middle then they will automatically win. The payout table for each winning combo will be found on the game’s page.


Widely recognized as the game 21, Blackjack is a famous card game that attracts beginners even as a simple game to play within a group of friends. CryptoGames took the classic version of the game and turned it into a modern user’s friendly crypto version of it. The game has a clear guideline that can be easily followed and which guarantees high entertainment.

The objective of the game: Players must beat the house dealer without crossing 21 points on their hand. This means, crossing 21 will end the game immediately and whoever does it first loses the game. The main goal here is to earn 21 points in total from the first two cards drawn or lure the house dealer to cross the 21 points while the player forms a winning hand. Although it sounds a little intimidating at first, Blackjack is a simple game that can be mastered within a short time. By choosing to deal, double down, split, or surrender players get to ensure they don’t cross the limit and also form a winning hand.


Inspired from the televised version of the game in the 80s, the crypto version of Plinko has 4 different house edges for all individual colors of balls it is played with. Just as it was played on the set of The Price is Right, the game is played on a digital pegged pyramid at CryptoGames.

The objective of the game: The ball thrown down from the top of the pegged pyramid must land into a winning slot specified at the bottom. All four balls will have their payout multiplier, and house edges. This means, the total amount of reward earned at the end of the game, will depend entirely on the slot the ball lands into and the color picked by the player at the beginning of the game. There will be a detailed guide to the payout table on the game’s page.

Video Poker

In the casino culture, Poker games are known to deliver the ultimate gambling experiences. This is why aside from Blackjack, CryptoGames has kept the crypto version of Video Poker on the list. It is brought to the players in three other variants. All of them have their house edges along with payout tables. Bonus Poker, Tens or Better, and Jacks or Better are the three variants of Video Poker available at CryptoGames.

The objective of the game: Players must make sure that each of their hands finishes with one of the winning combinations consisting of 5 cards.  The players will have the opportunity to hold or keep any combination of the cards. If they wish they can also keep none. Each hand must be formed carefully as a lost bet will mean a loss of credits. The credit conversion will be available on the game’s page. To help beginners in choosing which card(s) they should keep while forming a hand, the casino has created a smart hold feature.


A more upgraded version of Dice is presented through DiceV2. It is the 9th addition to the list of games at the casino and has been created to complement the original version.  Although the new version of the game has a lot more modern elements in terms of design, the objective of the game remains close to the original take. C

The objective of the game: Players must make a correct prediction about their dice roll so that the dice rolls on the green zone. The green zone on the slider is set when a player sets up their bet size, payout multiplier. After that, the dice must be rolled for one of the two options given by the casino. If the prediction made by the player is accurate, then the dice will automatically roll inside the green zone. And the bet can be considered as a winning bet. Players will be able to increase or decrease their payout multiplier or winning chance by moving the slider left and right.


Taking the classic 90s computer puzzle game to modify it into a crypto version, the casino presents Minesweeper as one of the highly lucrative games on board. The players can opt for Minesweeper as a beginner-friendly game to get accustomed to online gambling.

The objective of the game: In Minesweeper, players must turn all the tiles on a 5*5 minefield without hitting on any mine to win the maximum reward. They can set their difficulty level of the minefield according to their skills in puzzle games. In this game, players will be able to withdraw their rewards after turning a certain number of tiles (without hitting any mine). These flexible rules make the game profitable in all ways.   The highest level on the minefield consists of 24 open tiles and only one mine. This means one wrong move can end the game immediately. So for beginners, it is suggested that they try to collect as many rewards as they can before hitting on a mine.


The drawing of lots or lottery tickets has been one of the most classic ways to engage in the thrilling culture of gambling. Before casinos were built, people used Lottery as a game of luck that rewarded them with profitable prizes and entertainment. Many believed that a ticket could change their entire lives. Now the crypto version of the game is bringing back the truest essence of Lottery at CryptoGames.

The objective of the game is to simply win against your luck by owning a lucky ticket. Three players are chosen for each draw and the entire money collected from the sales is all handed out to the winners. This means the casino keeps none of the profit for itself and offers 0 house edge. All reward amounts vary according to the cryptocurrencies and the number of lots will also vary accordingly. Lottery is the only game at CryptoGames that can be played using only four cryptocurrencies. The available cryptocurrencies for the game are Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin.


To encourage the players to form more strategies or consider their chances of winning bigger value prizes, CryptoGames hosts Jackpots for three of its games. Dice, DiceV2 and Roulette. Each three of them comes with their own set of rules for the Jackpots. Meaning if a player’s bet result matches all the rules then they will be guaranteed to win the jackpot. The progressive jackpots give out rewards in amounts ranging from 1% to 100%  based on the winning conditions of the bets. This means the minimum amount you can win from the jackpot is 1% reward and the maximum amount is up to 100%.

Crypto Currencies for The Games

To make the transaction or financial system flexible, CryptoGames offers 10 different crypto coins always available for the users. Each of these coins can be converted into credits for the games. The credit conversion rates will be found on the games’ pages and the list gets updated every 10 minutes. Apart from Lottery all 10 of these can be used for the games. The wide range in the list helps both new and old online gamblers to choose their most preferred one at the casino. This way they can keep the exchange rates and other factors in mind. Players get to choose from:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Monero, GAS, Solana, and Dash for all their transactions.

Deposit and Exchange

Considering how vast the list of available cryptocurrencies is, the transaction system built by CryptoGames is smooth and hassle-free for everyone online. Their deposit and exchange of funds can be done in two different methods. To offer a more digital system for the deposits and exchanges, the CryptoGames includes Onramper and ChangeNow into their system. Onramper is a third-party fiat currency aggregator enabling the deposits of fiat currencies through a credit card deposit system. It offers a large number of fiat currencies on the website that players can choose from. It is swift and convenient for those who have no regular deposit system available for their currencies. On the other hand, alongside the regular exchange system available right on the website, there is ChangeNow for the players to use. ChangeNow is a new age exchange system that allows players to exchange from any cryptocurrencies they use into the available cryptocurrencies on CryptoGames. Both new and regular players will be able to use the systems for their deposits and exchanges. In case anyone finds the new systems hard to process then they can also opt for the regular transaction systems by creating deposit or withdrawal addresses at Your Account Tab. There they will also find the traditional system for Exchanging coins. However, this traditional method only ensures that players get to exchange their currencies to and from the available 10 cryptocurrencies on board.

Monthly Contests and Rewards

Earn VIP membership

As a part of their highly entertaining medium, CryptoGames builds up a healthy competition among the players. Through their monthly events, they offer bigger prizes and privileges with their VIP memberships. These monthly contests are ongoing throughout the year. This means every month the players stand a chance of earning the VIP memberships by showing off their skills in the events. Here are some of the benefits a player gets to enjoy for an entire month-

  •  Dice is available with a 0.8% house edge.
  • No server delay in placing bets. This advantage stays regardless of how big or small a bet’s size is.
  • VIP members get to enjoy better and higher exchange limits
  • Free access to VIP chatroom where experts and the managers of CryptoGames are all available for a chat.
  • All exclusive VIP tags beside the Player’s user name tag.
  •  Monthly vouchers are sent through email.

Effortless Registration

To cause no unwanted delay in the registration process, CryptoGames has brought about an effortless Sign-up process that requires lesser time than any usual registration requires. With no popups or redirect links, it lets any newcomer create their account by providing a unique account name. The username or account name will be the player’s identity. Along with this, they will have to agree to terms and conditions set by the casino. This whole process takes up to 1 to 2 minutes depending on how long it takes for the user to find a unique name for the account. Upon registering at the website, the casino gives everyone access to their play currency called Play Money. This play currency lets the users check every game out thoroughly before they provide more information to complete the full registration.  The simple sign-up procedure also lets the players enjoy a few rewards without any obligation of providing personal or financial information. This means, if anyone remains unsatisfied with anything, they can cancel the account and log out. Only when a player is sure of the website, they can complete further processes and start gambling with their crypto funds.

Free Access to Rewards

As mentioned above, all new players will be able to get their hands on the free rewards the casino has to offer. These rewards can be earned through the faucet and referral programs. The first feature, Faucet rewards the players with Play Money. The first request for Play Money can be done through the rewards tab under “Your account”. After that, for every request, the Player Level will be considered. Meaning if a user’s Player Level is high then they will get to request Play Money more times than others. All Player levels start at 0. Then it gradually increases as the individual spends more active days on the casino. The activeness can be through placing bets or by chatting with others. Following that are the Referral Programs or Events. The program rewards the referrers with 15% of the house edge of every game played by the individual they referred the casino to. Meaning, if someone shares the referral links or programs with their friends or any other potential player, then they will get to enjoy the specified amount of reward. The reward will be guaranteed no matter how the outcome of the referred player’s bets is.

Safe and Beginner Friendly Gambling for All

In an attempt to provide unbreakable security for the users and all of their financial assets, CryptoGames is running an integrated security system through Google 2FA applications and SSL encryption. Their security architecture protects user data and funds simultaneously. Their security protocols have been built according to the needs of novice gamblers. It caters to all the security elements that they now look for in any casino. CryptoGames gamblers community is also built to provide a respectful environment for all incoming gamblers. Without any biased processing, the casino ensures fair gambling for everyone. And to promote the amazing side of responsible gambling, it also offers policies to aid every user in need. As a part of the policies, they have included various helplines on their website. CryptoGames has also listed several ways how an individual can refrain themselves from forming any kind of addiction. Through strong belief in building a community of responsible gamblers, CryptoGames is set to become a great space for crypto-based entertainment platform open for all.


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