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CryptoIndex – the “Next Dow Jones” of the Crypto Market Announces Private Sale!


The recently launched AI-based cryptocurrency index, CryptoIndex, has just opened the private sale for its CIX100 tokens alongside the announcement of whitelisting process for the public sale set to start from the second half of July 2018. The response seen in the market towards this announcement shows that CryptoIndex bears the full potential to be the Dow Jones of the crypto-market.

About CryptoIndex- The What’s and Why’s

CryptoIndex is a novel AI-powered platform developed to create the Cryptocurrency market benchmark, known as the Cryptoindex100. Their unique algorithm, ‘Zorax’ uses a wide variety of data inputs from an extensive number of sources to create a unique approach to the production of a fully automated index calculation. Based on these inputs (fed through neural networks) and calculations, each coin is constantly revalued as part of the Index.  The Cryptoindex100 is automated with least human influence- the gist of the ecosystem.

The rising adoption of cryptocurrencies, as their market capitalization crosses $300 billion necessitates such platform. The index will turn out to be the most valuable tool as the market is expected to hit the $10 trillion mark in the near future. With over 1604 cryptocurrencies and growing, predicting the market movements using conventional methods is virtually impossible and CryptoIndex could be just the solution the market will need soon.

CryptoIndex lets the old finance market view the “new world” currencies as viable investment opportunities.  Cryptocurrency market players have long desired a tool whereby every crypto investor, regardless of the level of knowledge, can automate and simplify the process of portfolio diversification. CryptoIndex–reduces the volatility and risk of existing individual cryptocurrencies, to create a smart new benchmark for the market.

The Core Features of Crypto Index

  • It creates a “crypto portfolio” that chooses the right coins, based on pre-defined rules and filters, taking into account a coin’s overall ratings plus hundreds of other factors that affect their value,
  • It obviates the need to register a host of wallets
  • It rebalances a portfolio automatically—and instantly

The CIX100 Tokens

CryptoIndex users can monitor the immediate value of the Cryptoindex100; track formulas and metrics through this platform and automate crypto portfolio diversification. It reduces the volatility found in most cryptocurrencies through the purchase of what the company has dubbed the CIX100 token.

CIX100 will become available on most crypto exchanges, with its own set price, though the company will seek to keep the reference to the index. The purchaser uses the CIX100 to access the CryptoIndex platform, purchasing datasets and other services. Moreover, those who purchase the CIX100 tokens during the Token sale may access the Liquidity Provision Programme (LPP) provided by its partner firm.

“Zorax” – The Differentiating Feature

The algorithm ‘Zorax’ was developed by a team of mathematicians with over 13 years’ of market evaluation and trading strategy experience. Results from the neural network’s output are fed into a strategic layer while the AI ‘Zorax’ optimizes weights. This strives to produce the best possible strategy in today’s ever-changing market conditions.

The Team Behind

Cryptoindex’s advisory board has some of the best industry names on-board including Austin Kimm, Paddy Tan, Gabriel Zanko, Dorothy (McKinley) Delahunt, James Davies, Vladimir Gorbunov, and Slava Taran, led by the CEO VJ Angelo, who is currently the head of London Derivatives Exchange (LDX).

The private sale of their CIX100 tokens is going-on with exclusive benefits for the investors. To participate or get whitelisted, please visit CryptoIndex’s official website.


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