Cryptonit, the UK based cryptocurrency platform has announced its latest offering. The cryptocurrency industry veteran since 2002 has now enabled its users to make credit card deposits.

The company is already well-known in the cryptocurrency circle for being one of the oldest bitcoin and altcoin exchange. Cryptonit is known for its user friendly user interface and a plethora of options for every action on the platform. Users have the freedom to choose from the type of two factor authentication they like to their most favorite payment processor for deposits and withdrawals. Until now the platform was lacking in only one option — credit card deposits, and now they have included it as well.

Credit card deposits is one of the main differentiating factor when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms. While credit card deposits enables users to make instant deposits, unlike wire transfer and other wallet and payment solutions. This offers a lot of flexibility on the users’ end, as they can choose whenever they want to invest in any of the cryptocurrencies depending upon the market rates at any particular moment. This way, they don’t have to deposit and store fiat currency in their accounts just to be able to buy cryptocurrency instantaneously.

Starting today, verified Cryptonit users can request for the credit card deposit option to be enabled on their account. However, from the coming month, it will be available as a standard feature for all platform users.

What is so special about credit card deposits?

Not all cryptocurrency platforms can integrate credit card deposits as they would have to meet various requirements to be able to provide such service. Having a secure platform adhering to required security and encryption standards is one of the main requirements. Apart from that, the platform should have enough user base and revenues that allows it to deal with and absorb (in certain cases) any chargebacks. As most of the card transactions are instantaneous, having a proper KYC and AML framework is advantageous both in terms of security and regulatory perspective. Incidentally Cryptonit meets all these requirements, which makes it readily eligible to offer credit card deposit option to its users.

How to activate credit card deposits on your Cryptonit account?

Credit card deposit option is available only for verified users. In order to activate the feature, one has to first ensure that they are verified members. Else, they should follow the procedure available on the platform to finish the verification procedure. Once verified, users have to write to Cryptonit’s support team requesting for activation of credit card deposits.

What are the cards supported on Cryptonit?

Cryptonit supports credit cards issued by MasterCard and VISA. MasterCard and VISA credit cards with and without 3DSecure feature are supported by the platform.

Should I hurry to use this feature?

Definitely! Starting today, Cryptonit is offering an attractive 4.9% deposit fee. This promo will go on till winter and sooner you make use of it, more beneficial it will be for the users.

We urge you to try Cryptonit’s new feature out. If you decide to use it, please share your experience with us.

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