A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts want to have some form of cold storage. Paper wallets are a great way to achieve this goal. Not everyone wants to go through this process themselves, though. It’s always advised not to use an online service for paper wallet generation. CryptoStorage is an online solution which is open source and free to use. It supports all of the main cryptocurrencies, which is a positive sign.

Creating offline storage for major cryptocurrencies has been a problem. More specifically, a lot of new users don’t get the idea of paper wallets. Especially not if it involves them generating such wallets in an offline fashion. Even though this is the only secure solution, there is a growing demand for online paper wallet generators. CryptoStorage seems to fill this void quite nicely. All private keys are generated in the browser and no information is sent to third parties whatsoever.

CryptoStorage is a Valuable Addition

What makes this service so appealing is how it supports many currencies. More specifically, the main selling point is Bitcoin Cash, for obvious reasons. Other supported currencies include Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Litecoin, ETC, OmiseGo, et cetera. It is a very interesting collection of currencies, to say the very least. There is an option for users to save keys to a file or print a paper wallet directly. Both options will certainly be appealing to the right people

Moreover, it seems CryptoStorage lets users split private keys. There is also an option to encrypt keys with a passphrase. From a security point of view, both of these options make a lot of sense. It is something a lot of users will certainly appreciate. Additionally, there are automatic environment checks while generating the keys. The tool does recommend users to disconnect their internet altogether. It is always best to run the project’s code on your own computer as well.

Having more offline storage solutions is never a bad thing. It’s also worth mentioning CryptoStorage uses CashAddr for Bitcoin Cash. This new address format was introduced not that long ago. It helps to distinguish addresses between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Small things like these can quickly elevate CryptoStorage to one of the more powerful offline storage solution generators in the world today. How the community will respond to this new platform, remains to be seen, though/

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