Privacy has become one of the most precious commodities in the present-day world. As people look for ways to keep themselves shielded from hacking attempts and big brother institutions gaining private information through illegal means, Crypviser has come up with a solution that can come in handy to the masses.

Crypviser leverages the blockchain technology to provide the first encrypted unified cross-platform application for personal as well as business communication needs. The application platform implements what it calls “the unbeatable security model” to meet the highest standards of cryptography for storage and transmission of various data types. The Crypviser platform supports text, instant chats, voice and video calls including conference calls.

The platform’s blockchain based secure communication protocol is powered by CVCoin, a cryptocurrency created with the intention of covering the charges of blockchain transactions essential for authentication and authorization of encryption keys. By using blockchain transactions through CVCoin for public key authentication, Crypviser has ensured that the communications on its platform are free from manipulation, interceptions and man-in-the-middle attacks at any point.

In order to promote community involvement and to raise the necessary funds for the project completion, Crypviser is currently running an ICO campaign. The campaign, currently in its fourth week allows cryptocurrency community members and investors to purchase CVCoins. Those purchasing CVCoins will also gain additional benefits, including access to beta test phase of the communication protocol, VIP account with exclusive access to unique and hidden features, free unlimited transactions of purchased CVCoins over CVPay system without any transaction fees and additional bonus.

So far, the platform has already raised over $2 million during the ongoing crowdsale. It is currently offering a 10% discount on purchases made until 17 June 2017 following which it will reduce further. The ICO campaign can be accessed on the Crypviser website.

Ref: Crypviser 
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