Cubits, the German bitcoin exchange and wallet service provider has launched bitcoin based donation campaign to help refugees. People are welcome to contribute bitcoin towards solving refugee crisis over Cubits platform.

The world is no longer a peaceful place, there is war everywhere and civilians are the ones bearing the burnt. The world is currently facing the worst refugee crisis since the World War 2, with millions of displaced people from Middle East and some parts of Europe making it to Western and Central Europe to escape fighting and dangerous living conditions.

The European Union is flooded with refugees and each day thousands of them are waiting to cross the borders, seeking save haven. There is scarcity of essential supplies and resources among refugees and relief organisations are seeking donations to fulfil those requirements. With Cubits’ new bitcoin donation service, anyone from anywhere in the world can now come forward and make a donations.

Bitcoin is a very powerful currency that has the potential to empower non-governmental relief and charitable organizations. Unlike fiat currency, anyone from anywhere in the world can now step up
and contribute towards a cause during the times of crisis and the organization will receive those funds in a matter of hours.

Cubits has tied up with four charitable organizations viz. Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Islamic Relief Deutschland, Pro Asyl and Care to be part of the donation campaign. The proceeds from the drive will be utilized to refugees from Albania, Iraq, Serbia and Syria to seek asylum in Central and Western Europe.

Cubits will waive transaction fees for any credit card payments made on the platform towards donations. The donations received by partner organizations will be converted to fiat as and when it is received to reduce the price volatility risk.

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