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Curv Works with Crypto Garage to Boost Digital Transactions


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Crypto custodial firm Curv is building a new office in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

Curv Is Looking to Ensure Institutional Players Get a Chance

The company offers digital assets and cryptocurrency services to institutional traders. Over the years, an institutional presence is widely considered a huge and necessary factor in bringing cryptocurrency closer towards mainstream territory. Many have sought to avoid crypto like the plague out of fear that their digital holdings could potentially disappear overnight given crypto’s all-around volatility.

However, as time has gone by, many ventures have sought to introduce institutional traders to crypto assets, i.e. Fidelity Investments, with great success, thereby helping cryptocurrency garner a much more legitimate reputation.

Curv has also joined hands with a company known as Crypto Garage, which provide several financial tools and programs based on bitcoin’s technology. The firm is based in Japan and has dedicated its power to ensuring crypto stands alongside cash, checks and credit or debit cards as one of the leading financial tools throughout the globe.

One of the main focuses of both ventures is the boosting of crypto transactions. Digital transactions have become difficult for several blockchains as of late given their age and lagging technology. Bitcoin, for example, is not strong enough to manage all the on-chain transactions it bears witness to. Its blockchain has slowed down with age, and it now relies on tools such as the Lightning Network to ensure smaller transactions occur off-chain and thus relieve its distributed ledger of some of the work.

Another blockchain undergoing similar circumstances is Ethereum. Founded in 2015, the currency is the second largest in the digital world after bitcoin and has become heavily congested over the years due to its popularity. It now suffers from a lack of scalability according to co-founder Vitalik Buterin, who noted the blockchain’s high gas fees, slow transaction times and all-around traffic.

He’s hoping the integration of a new blockchain – known simply as Ethereum 2.0 – will help make things better in the future.

Both ventures are introducing a new platform known as SETTLENET, which is built to ensure transactions involving crypto go through in reasonable time. Based on the Liquid Network – a sidechain of bitcoin – it will boast as many as 45 individual members and facilitate digital asset transfers. The platform is set to be ready by early summer of this year.

Making Sure Transactions Go Through

Yoshihide Shimada – chief technology officer at Crypto Garage – explains in an interview:

We looked at a number of security approaches and technologies, but Curv’s Blackbox solution was able to provide signing services with the best security and flexible integration. Together, we enable clients to seamlessly and confidently trade all different types of assets on the Liquid Network with DvP settlement.

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