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Bitcoin SV (BSV) has been at the center of controversy since it first arrived in late 2018. Nevertheless, it looks like many crypto providers and exchanges are moving hell and high water to ensure its customers have access to it.

Bitcoin SV: It’s Presence Grows

The latest exchange to offer bitcoin SV comes in the form of Indacoin, which is now allowing users to purchase BSV with a Visa or Mastercard. Indacoin – which is available to customers in more than 170 countries – is also facilitating purchases of BSV through the U.S. dollar, the euro and the British pound through an anti-fraud system that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure every customer is who they claim to be.

In a statement, Jimmy Nguyen – president of the Bitcoin Association – explained:

Demand for BSV has rapidly grown, as we are building genuine value by enabling real utility for enterprises on the bitcoin SV blockchain. To meet this demand, it is terrific to have Indacoin make it even easier for everyday people in so many countries to purchase BSV. Indacoin’s security and anti-fraud measures also reflect the level of professionalism which the digital currency industry needs and is consistent with our vision for bitcoin’s global adoption.

As mentioned before, BSV has been something of a controversial coin since it emerged following a bitcoin cash (BCH) hard fork that occurred in 2018. Many analysts and traders alike scoffed at the idea of bitcoin SV taking over where some had felt bitcoin or even its successor bitcoin cash had failed.

Roger Ver – often referred to as the “bitcoin Jesus” and a huge advocate of BCH – was one such person, and often went head-to-head with BSV’s creator Craig Wright in a war of words over which asset was more reliable and was closer to the vision of bitcoin’s initial creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

These and other conflicts stirred a heavy imbalance in the crypto space, which ultimately caused bitcoin to drop by more than $3,000 in just a matter of weeks. The currency had been trading for over $6,000 during most of the summer, though its drop eventually saw it trading in the mid-$3,000 range. This would last until April of the following year.

What Fits Satoshi’s Original Ideas?

Either way, bitcoin SV is widely welcomed by several exchanges and trading platforms as the latest asset to join the crypto family. Chief business development officer of Indacoin Guilherme Jovanovic commented:

Enabling BSV direct purchase with the most popular payment methods on the internet – Visa & Mastercard – is a big step to help increase its global adoption. We are thrilled to help bring Satoshi’s vision to a whole new level.

At the time of writing, BSV ranks as the sixth largest digital currency by market cap and is currently trading for just over $187 per unit.

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