At the end of another busy week for everyone on the DAO Maker team, we would like to summarize all the developments in a weekly summary to keep you informed! Find out what happened and stay tuned for more!

DAO Maker Narratives:

  • Orao Network SHO Public Sale Successfully Completed!
  • $XEND Listed on Binance and Uniswap!
  • DAO Vault has acquired $75M in staked value!
  • Token Burn: Over 4,000,000 worth $33,5M $DAO Tokens Burned!
  • Over 90k Twitter Followers!

DAO Maker BizDevs:

  • New Strategic Partner: BlockRocket
  • New Strategic Partner: BlockStart
  • New Strategic Partner: DePay
  • New Strategic Partner: Transak
  • New Strategic Partner: CoinMarketCap

New Exchange:

  • Indo Ex International

New Wallets:

  • D’CENT

Platform News!

DAO Maker Multi-Chain Platform First Access!

The launch of the multi-investment platform is a milestone on our roadmap. The platform will evolve over phases that will expand its ability to bring new wealth-creating opportunities to anyone.

The platform became available to a roster of core community beta testers on March 25, and a selection of our core DAO community members are able to be among the first to try the platform and offer critical feedback.

We will implement valuable feedback ahead of the SEED SHO of CERE, which will take place on the complete public version of the multi-investment platform planned for early April.

Apply Here:

DAO Vault v2 Update  

We’re humbled to see that just 2 weeks since its launch, the DAO Vault has acquired $75M in staked value. The DAO Vault will soon be updated to reflect reward opportunities for our entire community, and will integrate a means to learn more about the projects in the DAO ecosystem while earning rewards in the native token of the project being hosted in the Vault.

The Vault helps projects by reducing circulating supply, increasing awareness, and generating wider distribution, and BLANK, a privacy protocol competing against Tornado, is now a part of the Vault and will go live next month.

At present, the DAO Vault contains assets valued at over $3.5M, which will be available to the community over time. These assets include Yield Protocol, OpenOcean, and now Blank, and more are on the way.

Learn More about Blank here:

SHO News!

Orao Network: SHO Public Sale Successfully Completed!

The ORAO Network public sale round which took place both on the DAO Maker platform and exchange was successfully completed this week. Interest in the token sale on exceeded 5000% of the original goal with close to 1M $DAO locked.

Congratulations to all $ORAO participants, and we filled the $875,000 quota in 9 minutes with 1,000 winners, and 875 winning slots.

Orao is a data-agnostic cross-chain oracle built on Polkadot, which provides a large variety of secure data at high speed in real-time, everything from financial data, local weather to the outcome of football matches or airfare booking with maximum scalability for any blockchain.

Orao Research Page:
Chat: @ORAOcommunity

DAO Maker BizDevs:

New Strategic Partner: BlockRocket 

This week we partnered with BlockRocket, an early-stage investor and digital accelerator for blockchain start-ups based in Germany. With over 200 partners and more than 30 VCs in the network, BlockRocket is supporting over 50 blockchain start-ups.

With 3+ years of experience in incubating numerous successful projects in the blockchain space, DAO Maker is predestined to provide support to these early-stage tokenized start-ups, and we are partnering with BlockRocket to expand our incubation arm to a network with innovative start-up projects coming out of the DACH region.

This partnership enables DAO Maker to build new flow of prospects to our SaaS and structured fundraising solutions.

Read more about BlockRocket at


New Strategic Partner: BlockStart

We secured a strategic partnership with BlockStart, an EU backed, hand-picked community of investors, subject matter experts, and founders focusing on supporting Europe’s most talented blockchain innovators. BlockStart currently supports over 40 blockchain start-ups.

DAO Maker is entering a strategic partnership with BlockStart, expanding our incubation arm and launchpad to a network with innovative start-up projects in Europe. With 3 years of experience in blockchain incubation, DAO Maker’s expertise and products are welcomed by BlockStart.

This partnership enables DAO Maker to extend its multi-investment platform to a further reach and market, adding new candidates to our SHOs, DYCOs, Social Mining, and the upcoming Venture Bonds.

Read more:


New Strategic Partner: DePay  

We entered into a partnership with DePay, a Crypto Valley backed platform which uses DeFi to let users automatically swap any token to the designated asset for payment, making the process of crypto payments seamless.

We have partnered with DePay to integrate this powerful payment structure into our upcoming multi-investment platform. This module will enable our user base to use any token as a form of payment for investments, and will enable clients to use any token as a form of payment for services/products.

Read more about DePay:

Find $DAO on DePay:


New Strategic Partner: Transak

This week we entered into a partnership with Transak, a financial services platform which facilitates crypto purchases using traditional payment methods. As a result, bank transfers are now supported on our multi-investment platform, and fiat deposits are an essential element of achieving our mission of making wealth creation opportunities accessible to anyone, anywhere.

We have been cleared to support fiat through both bank and card transfer, through a partnership with Transak, and this will allow our users to directly purchase $DAO and stablecoins to participate in the multi-invest platform.

This move significantly accelerates the international adoption of DAO Maker’s products.


Find out more about Transak:

New Strategic Partner: CoinMarketCap 

This week we entered into a collaboration with CoinMarketCap that will result in a page dedicated to DAO Maker’s past and upcoming fundraising projects. This link up vastly improves the visibility of our extended ecosystem and allows everyone to track DAO Maker projects in an efficient and streamlined manner.

CoinMarketCap was founded in 2013, and has grown into the premier crypto price aggregator website and currently showcases the crypto sector to over 130M monthly visitors. CoinMarketCap is a trusted source used by everyday users, institutions, and media for comparing thousands of crypto assets and is often cited by CNBC, Bloomberg, and other major news outlets.

As the world’s most-referenced price-tracking website for cryptoassets CoinMarketCap stands for accurate, timely and unbiased information, and has a mission to make crypto discoverable and efficient globally by empowering all users with high quality and accurate information in order to draw their own informed conclusions.

Our collaboration with CoinMarketCap will bring further exposure to our multi-investment platform – DAO Pad, adding new stakeholders to our ecosystem from one of the giant cryptocurrency aggregators in the blockchain space.

You can now track all our amazing projects on CoinMarketCap:

New Exchange: Indo Ex International

DAO trading is now LIVE on Indo Ex!

The $DAO token was listed on Indo Ex exchange this week, and starting on March 23rd at 11:00 UTC, anyone is able to trade DAO in the DAO/USDT, DAO/BTC, DAO/ETH pairs.




INDOEX is an advanced trading platform designed for experienced digital assets traders and specializes in Altcoins, Algos and Performance. INDOEX has offices in the United Kingdom and Estonia and provides advanced exchange functionalities to allow users to buy and sell digital assets.

Find out more:


New wallet: D’CENT 

This week DAO tokens have been integrated into the D’CENT wallet, and D’CENT begins a fiat onramp for DAO in Korea. One of South Korea’s key wallets, D’CENT supports biometric, card, and software wallets, with 30+ fiat onramps.

D’CENT has listed the DAO token, making it accessible to millions of South Korean users, who comprise one of the most important crypto markets. This is a major step in DAO Maker’s expansion into the South Korean market, forwarding our mission to provide powerful wealth creation opportunities to anyone, anywhere.

Read more about D’CENT Wallet:



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