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Dapper Labs to Bid Adieu to Ethereum


Crypto Kitties is one of the biggest applications to be built atop the Ethereum network, but its creators are now looking to say goodbye to the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Crypto Kitties Is Making a Home Elsewhere

The Ethereum blockchain has come under high scrutiny as of late. Once the most popular blockchain network for new tokens and applications, the platform has been hit hard by the amount of traffic it’s attracted since its birth in 2015. This traffic has resulted in numerous problems, including high gas fees and slow transaction times, making it comparable to its predecessor bitcoin.

Vitalik Buterin – the co-creator of Ethereum – has commented in the past that the blockchain is no longer “scalable,” while competing systems like TRON and EOS are getting closer to moving ahead.

Dapper Labs – the company behind the creation of Crypto Kitties – has since developed its own blockchain platform that it’s looking to move to completely, meaning it will no longer require the support of Ethereum. Known as the Flow blockchain, the company has launched a simulator for the system as a means of attracting early developers and establishing its future as the primary maker of crypto games.

Co-founder of Dapper Labs Dieter Shirley explained in an interview:

We built this blockchain because we wanted a different blockchain to build our games on top of. When you have a new programming domain, it makes sense to have a new programming paradigm.

Aside from Ethereum’s lagging scalability, Shirley further states that Dapper Labs’ incoming games are likely to prove too complicated for the network’s smart contracts. Therefore, it made sense to develop technology from scratch that could get the job done in the beginning.

The company is now partnering with organizations such as the NBA and the UFC as a means of garnering further revenue for their projects. Shirley states that a blockchain network cannot simply rely on selling tokens to make money, and that additional methods are necessary to get Flow where it needs to be. He explains:

Blockchains have their own revenue streams apart from selling tokens. We do think the financial support for building a blockchain should be separate from funding from the games. The games need to make sense on their own.

Still, however, the company says it’s planning to initiate a token sale during the second half of 2020, though it’s not yet sure of an exact date.

Getting the Right People Onboard

The project has also attracted new members involved in academia such as Purdue University researcher David Broeker. In a statement, he comments:

If Ethereum is blockchain 2.0, then we view Flow as version 4.0. We view Flow as the blockchain technology for the mass market. Being able to broaden opportunities for faculty and students is incredibly exciting.

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