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Dash and Arizona State University Launch a Blockchain Research Lab


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Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency innovation often go hand in hand. Dash is one of the top cryptocurrencies in the world. With a strong focus on privacy and some anonymity traits, the currency has built up a solid reputation. However, the team is looking to expand its reach beyond cryptocurrency as well. A new partnership with Arizona State University will result in the creation of a blockchain research lab. This is a major partnership for Dash, to say the least.

It is the first time we see a top cryptocurrency team up with an educational institution in this regard. More specifically, Dash and Arizona State University will work on blockchain technology. Additionally, they will aim to make more people warm for the potential this technology offers. Several topics will be of keen interest to both entities, including scalability, mining, and throughput. This dedicated blockchain lab will take up permanent residency at the ASU’s CASCADE research lab.

A Major Partnership for the Dash Team

It is evident blockchain research will become even more important moving forward. Various institutions – including universities – are looking into this technology as we speak. Developing new use cases and studying its potential is not all that easy, though. Partnering with experts in the field is the best way forward in this regard. Dash makes a lot of sense, according to CASCADE, because it has many practical use cases. That is quite the validation for Dash as well, as it shows their advancements have not gone by unnoticed.

It has been quite the journey for the Dash team as well. Officially launching under the Darkcoin banner in 2014, privacy was their first and foremost priority. However, as the currency started gaining traction, it became evident a rebrand was in order. The name Dash was chosen as a way to bring this technology to the masses. Moreover, CEO Ryan Taylor still believes his project will be superior to Bitcoin one day. With faster transactions and good governance, the currency seems to have a competitive advantage.

With this research being formed, things are falling into place for Dash. An official research entity focusing on blockchain applications will help move things along for sure. The research lab will start its operations in the next few days. There is also a plan to organize on-campus lessons taught by Dash Core executives. This latter part has not been officially confirmed at the time of writing, though. All things considered, things are looking quite promising for this cryptocurency and the future of blockchain technology.

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