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Dash Spreads Its Wings in Australia and Latin America


Dash is popular pretty much everywhere you look. Who knew that a cryptocurrency – relatively obscure when compared to mainstream assets like bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin – could gain so much traction in the blockchain space so quickly?

Latin America Is the New “Dash Haven”

Recently, the digital currency paired up with a Latin American exchange known as Crypto Buyer. Latin America has been a popular hotspot for Dash as of late. Recently, Live Bitcoin News discussed how the currency’s presence in countries like Venezuela and Colombia has been enhanced by its addition to exchanges such as Daexs, one of the largest and most prominent trading platforms in the region. It compares with bitcoin as a potential solution for inflation and the lagging financial services available to most residents.

Now, through its addition to Crypto Buyer, Dash will be available to customers on a zero-fee basis. The cryptocurrency has also partnered with a Venezuelan department store known as Traki, allowing customers to pay for goods using cryptocurrency. Crypto Buyer is also commissioning several cryptocurrency ATMs to be placed throughout Latin America.

In an official statement, Dash announced:

Presently, Venezuela, which has experienced severe economic issues including hyperinflation and blackouts, is a premier Dash hotspot, with a current 2,431 Dash-accepting merchants listed on Discover Dash. Colombia has made significant strides in merchant adoption as well, with a present 327 Discover Dash listings.

Ryan Taylor – CEO of Dash Core Group – also gave his thoughts regarding the currency’s partnership with Crypto Buyer, stating:

Dash usage is growing at a rapid rate in Venezuela, as it provides an alternative that is a more reliable payment method and store of value. We’ve anticipated this initiative from Crypto Buyer, as it provides the everyday person a seamless and efficient way to access Dash and lower barriers to entry.

6,000 miles away, Dash is also witnessing heightened usage and popularity in countries like Australia thanks to its recent addition to Jinance, an Australia-based crypto exchange. The company – formerly known as String Exchange – now features the first trading pair between Dash and the Australian dollar. It also features what’s known as “Instant Send technology” to ensure transactions occur as safely and as quickly as possible.

Australia Loves Its Crypto

Taylor says:

Listing on Jinance with Instant Send is a big win for Dash and our Australian users as we continue to extend that technology into new markets globally. Australia has emerged as an influential market for the cryptocurrency space, which is why we’re delighted to be able to offer an easier way for the country’s crypto community to buy and sell Dash using local currency. We hope to continue our momentum of partnering with leading exchanges and expanding our Instant Send acceptance to allow users to experience Dash’s speed and convenience.


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