It’s always refreshing to see someone who truly understands bitcoin. They don’t just “like” it or invest in it; they spend time getting to know it and how it works. One such person is Deana Burke, the founder of Gracias, an organization devoted to ensuring women, teenagers and minorities understand crypto.

Deana Burke: BTC Can Change Everything

Burke explains in an interview that she wasn’t always familiar with the concept of crypto. At first, the system appeared relatively confusing, but she was attracted by its ability to disrupt finance. Several of its properties appeared to be on the verge of taking our monetary system to new heights, and before long, she found herself purchasing BTC and embarking on a quest to ensure other people did the same.

Discussing the world’s leading cryptocurrency by market cap, she explains:

There’s a purity in its formation, like the lack of a founder figure. It’s truly powered by the network and by a community of developers.

This description goes hand in hand with what bitcoin and many of its altcoin counterparts are all about – giving financial power back to the people. Our global financial infrastructure is still largely dominated by banks and standard institutions. They have the power, and they can decide who gets access to specific tools and who should be barred from them.

If you lack stellar credit or don’t have a strong enough job history, your application for a bank-issued credit or debit card can be quickly denied. In addition, the bank can also decide that you’re not eligible for a checking or savings account. These tools are needed by everyday people to make purchases and ensure their families survive.

However, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies tend to be far less discriminatory. For one thing, bitcoin does not check your credit history. All one needs to do is open a digital wallet or exchange account online and boom! They’re free to trade, purchase and sell crypto as they see fit. In addition, most cryptocurrency transactions have some form of privacy attached to them, ensuring that your identity will typically remain hidden from snoopers and third parties that may be up to no good.

People Don’t Know Enough About It

Burke has no doubt bitcoin can change our financial system as we know it, but there are problems, perhaps the biggest one being that people lack the education necessary to understand it. She states:

The only think keeping people from being able to access it is information and knowledge. It represents a level playing field for people who don’t necessarily come from generational wealth… If it’s going to be this new economy in ten years, then knowing a little bit about it today could mean a world of difference to someone tomorrow. That’s my personal mission. It’s what gets me out of bed every morning.

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