the revolutionary blockchain platform for transparent and verifiable gambling and sports betting, is in the process of gaining a strong foothold by onboarding some of the leading professionals from the gaming industry. In just under a month, the platform has achieved two significant milestones. The first one, is the recent inclusion of the former Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman Mark Lipparelli as an outside gaming advisor, and the latest development is the strategic partnership with the VeChain Foundation.

As a part of this collaboration, will be launching its Mainnet on VeChainThor’s Blockchain, becoming the first ever project to do so. This move is one which sees transition from conventional Ethereum smart contracts to the more advanced, robust and scalable solution created by the VeChain Foundation.

The decision to migrate blockchains was made after careful deliberation and in-depth discussions with the VeChain Foundation, its advisors, and its blockchain architects. As a result, the development team behind found that the technical capabilities of the VeChainThor blockchain better suits their requirements over the long term. Some of the reasons for the transition include:

  • VeChain’s consistent track record as a leading global enterprise level public platform with some strong partnerships and ambitious roadmap.
  • Its structure, network, and efficiency which enables access to people, resources and opportunities unlike any other.
  • Its capability to handle real-world blockchain applications
  • Its comprehensive ecosystem and support for projects
  • Rapid transactions, surpassing that of Ethereum protocol, which makes it ideal for gaming applications
  • Far better user-experience than any other blockchain, including Ethereum
  • Its capability to handle simultaneous transactions to multiple addresses

Currently, both of the teams are working together to prepare for the deployment of the Mainnet on the VeChainThor blockchain. Concurrently, there has been considerable progress on other fronts as well. The decentralized gaming solutions platform has already received the necessary gaming license to operate in over 125 jurisdictions. Additionally, is also exploring imminent expansion into Asia Pacific region through strong partnerships with reputable industry players from both the gambling and blockchain sectors.

In order to move forward more effectively, has outlined an updated development roadmap, divided into four distinct phases; Firing Room, Booster Phase, Frontier Expansion and After Burner. The Firing Room phase will involve the transition from Ethereum based smart contracts to the VeChainThor based platform, the launch of the Mainnet and the platforms first application. The following Booster Phase will witness the expansion of’s casino games offering. In the Frontier Expansion phase, the platform will engage in the horizontal expansion where new products and services will be launched to meet various market demands, including sports and skill-based betting. And then, the After Burner will be dedicated to an overall strategic upgrade, leading to further improvement of the entire ecosystem. is more than just a conventional blockchain gambling platform. Powered by its own DBET tokens, the platform provides token holders with an opportunity to not just gamble but to buy into the houses on the platform and gain returns based on profits generated by them. Notably, 100% of all profits generated by the platform will be distributed to House Credit Holders on a quarterly basis. The platform brings in much-needed transparency and accountability to the gaming industry as a whole. Importantly, it also empowers developers and existing casino platforms to integrate their products and services into their own offering to become part of one single ecosystem.

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