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Decentralized Music Platform VOISE’s ICO Is Underway


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It is only a matter of time until blockchain technology revolutionizes the music industry. VOISE, a decentralize music platform monetizing independent artists, is making a lot of waves in this regard. The platform passes on 100% of the revenue to the artist, which is a novel approach. The platform’s ICO is underway as well, as the team aims to raise money to build out their platform.

The VOISE Platform is Quite Intriguing

Being an independent artist is not easy these days. Monetizing content has become more difficult than ever before. Moreover, all intermediates take a cut of the earnings, which is not pleasant. This is where VOISE will make a big difference, as they pass on 100% of all revenue to the artists. Removing the middleman from the equation will be beneficial to the music sector as a whole.

Building such a decentralized solution is not easy, though. The VOISE team is currently running an ICO to raise enough money. In exchange for a financial contribution, investors will receive platform tokens.  These tokens can be used to purchase content and support your favorite indie artists. Additionally, the tokens will also be used to purchase other content in the future.

All of the music will be hosted on a peer-to-peer network. This means hackers will be unable to steal content or hack servers. Additionally, it is open to everyone, regardless of having access to a record label. This latter part is quite impressive, as a lot of artists are not signed to a label. VOISE is trying to provide an invaluable service to artist around the world. All transactions are supported through the native tokens.

So far, the VOISE ICO has raised 408.12 ETH. That is roughly US$36,000 at the current ETH valuation. A total of 65.299.24 tokens has been issued to investors at press time.  There is a total of 100 million VSM tokens available for purchase. The VOISE ICO runs for another 29 days. Anyone who wants to support the music industry needs to take a closer look at this platform.  VOISE has a lot to offer, and they can shake up the music industry as a whole.

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