Decibet is one among the many betting platforms that support cryptocurrencies. And yet, it is completely different from the rest, thanks to the team behind the platform. Being created by football fanatics who double up as coders, the platform shares the love and passion of football with the global fans of the sport, especially those who are also crypto enthusiasts.

Platform and Games Available

First and foremost, the platform is user-friendly and is very responsive. Furthermore, it’s easy to navigate through the platform. It adopts a three-tab layout where the CASH tab is all about your finances, while BETS contain a list of the active bets and lastly TODAY’s MATCHES tab. The latter has a list of all daily active matches. To be able to provide games daily, Decibet has games from different leagues, so finding your favorite team would be easy. The betting list contains matches from South American countries, Europe, few Asian leagues, Romania, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Cyprus, Finland, Norway, Israel, France, England, Scotland, Spain, Iran, Tunisia, Portugal, China, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Belgium, Argentina, Algeria, Austria and Australia.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Since Decibet is all about cryptocurrencies and betting, various digital coins are accepted, starting with privacy coins Monero, Dash, and Zcash. Some of the other accepted coins include Blackcoin, Vertcoin, Syscoin, Stratis, Ripple, Potcoin, Lisk, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Game Credits, Zcash, MaidSafeCoin, Namecoin, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and lastly Bitcoin.

After that successful day, winnings are made available in your account after some short time. Furthermore, there are no fees charged so withdrawing your winnings is easy and is made possible in your cryptocurrency of choice. To ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to win, Decibet provides an advanced system to help in generating probabilities of winning when placing bets. The latter is available to everyone and is a sure way of scoring some profits when placing bets.

Signing up and Betting

If you wish to enjoy all the above, please go to Decibet and sign up. The process is simple and straightforward. It is not compulsory for one to provide their email address while signing up, but it’s advisable to do so. Once the account is set up, Decibet offers the new players loyalty rewards of up to 1 BTC.

Sports doesn’t care about language, so doesn’t Decibet. It is a multilingual platform supporting multiple languages including English, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, French and Spanish and Turkish. Users can also access customer support in any of these languages.

You can also choose to get your team to sign up on Decibet and place bets. The Decibet Referral and Affiliate system through ensure additional rewards to users referring to their friends and family to the platform.

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