Deloitte is one of the many major corporations around the world keeping a close eye on bitcoin. It is good to see such a world-renowned brand promote the use of bitcoin, as it is a global payment solution everyone can benefit from. After installing a Bitcoin ATM in their Toronto office last year, Deloitte has now started accepting bitcoin payments as the restaurant in the office complex.

Deloitte Continues To Embrace Bitcoin

The entire world was rather surprised to learn Deloitte – of all institutions – installed a bitcoin ATM in their Toronto office complex. Although the number of bitcoin ATM installations has been increasing steadily, most of the machines are operated by independent operators. In this particular case, however, the machine is in the hands of one Deloitte. In fact, the company wants to provide its staffers with a more hands-on bitcoin experience.

Although it remains unclear whether or not this venture has been a success so far, Deloitte has no plans on giving up on bitcoin just yet. In fact, the institution has enabled bitcoin payments for its restaurant located within the Toronto office complex. Not only can employees buy bitcoin, they can also learn to spend cryptocurrency for everyday goods. Educating people on blockchain-based finances seems the primary objective for Deloitte moving forward.

While Deloitte is actively looking into blockchain technology right now, they feel there is a need to educate clients on what this technology entails. Bitcoin presents an excellent educational example in this regard, as all of its transactions are broadcasted in real-time on the blockchain. Moreover, it is impossible to discuss blockchain tech and not mention bitcoin.

To enable bitcoin payments at the local restaurant, Deloitte partnered with BitPay and Benchmark Hospitality. Anyone can use bitcoin to pay for a meal, with the transaction being processed by BitPay and converted into Canadian Dollars. It is unclear if there is a plan on the table to keep all proceeds in bitcoin moving forward, though. Then again, this is a significant development, to say the least.

It is evident Deloitte wants to educate the masses on bitcoin and blockchain technology. A hands-on approach is the best way to go about things, as it allows everyone to experience this new form of finance for themselves. Implementing bitcoin payments have been a challenge for the local bistro, yet it goes to show the experiment has created an innovative way of thinking. A positive sign for the future of bitcoin, that much is certain.

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