We have heard up till now a lot of blockchain and cryptocurrency based platforms as a great investment opportunity, belonging to a range of industries. The rapid penetration of bitcoin and increasing interest of investors, it seems that the next dimension of the blockchain technology is derivatives, futures and options; financial instruments whose value is derived from their underlying assets. The crypto world also needs these instruments in a decentralized way, enabling investors to hedge their investment risks or speculating on blockchain. Using blockchain, the decentralized financial market can be created with new heights, providing access to blockchain to more investors, speculators and people.

The blockchain integration in derivatives

The key objectives to integrate blockchain into derivative exchange is to ensure non-stop trading, almost instant transactions, elimination of intermediaries, zero downtime, and no odds and login or identification.

Ready to be the part of derivative exchange? But How?

Now anyone can be a part of decentralized derivative exchange by purchasing DRP tokens, being offered in limited number, in the on-going crowdsale by DCORP, that is going to end soon. This crowdsale is like a smart-contract where users’ DRP tokens will automatically be linked to the Ether address they send from. For more details, check https://www.dcorp.it/crowdsale

About the DCORP

DCORP is the platform owned by DRP investors or token holders. The DCORP uses Ethereum it owns to raise funds for different projects like the derivative exchange. Profits, a fee obtained from the premiums in derivative exchange, of the projects is received back by the DCORP directly. The token holders can manage the profit in a way that they can either vote to pay out dividends or use it for further projects’ funding. The price that is related to the ETH value, doesn’t rely on ETH due to the chances of profits and dividend payouts. This is something that no other ETH currently offers. DRP and CORP are present on Ethereum blockchain. For the beginners, DRP is the share or stock in the company and ETH is taken as the currency of Ethereum.

About the Derivative Exchange- The uniqueness

DCORP manages the derivative exchange’s ownership, making itself highly decentralized, unlike traditional organizations where board of directors is the controller.

The cryptocurrency future is closely linked with derivatives

A lot of reasons are attributed to this fact, including:

  • Decentralized platform for options & futures
  • Decentralized leverage and hedging products
  • Promotion of cryptocurrency based investing and trading among people with reliability
  • Working on proven blockchain concepts
  • Providing an opportunity to manage the rapidly changing market’s risks
  • Letting investors speculate in a trustless way

The Bottom Line…

The DCORP platform present traditional stocks, currencies including cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and indexes in terms of tokens on ETH blockchain, which can be traded and used as the underlying assets of derivatives that derive their value, making a blockchain based economy that never stops. If you want to be the part of it, invest in DCORP DRP’s crowdsale at https://www.dcorp.it/crowdsale





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