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Dogecoins are referred by their code (DOGE) and they are symbolized by either F or D. The coins are a known form of cryptocurrency that highly features a Shiba Innu. This is from its logo on the internet meme. Most people are proud of using the coins, but they fail to identify its source. The coins are nicknamed DOGE which takes both the singular and plural forms of the currency. It is important to appreciate the introduction of this form of currency that was more of a joke that an intended purpose to have a different currency that could be used internationally.

Dogecoin News shows that Dogecoins were introduced on 8, December, 2013. These coins differ from other cryptocurrencies and only a blind man ought to debate about this reality! For example, its initial production as coins was so fast that you cannot compare it with that of its counters such Bitcoins. In fact, it is expected that by the end of 2014, there will be at least 100 billion of the coins in circulation. Consequently, an additional 5.2 billion of Doge will be introduced every subsequent year. Doge News reported that as at 10th October, 2014, 94 billion coins had been mined.

Dogecoins have gained grip as an internet listing technique in the midst of the available mainstream business uses. For instance, social media users reward the coins as tips to individuals who present content that is worth noting in the media. “To the moon” is a common phrase used by the society that relies on Dogecoins for most of their transactions. It refers to their general opinion of the positively increasing worth of the coins. As a result, the coins may replace the notes and coins that we are used to considering the reality that Dogecoins are used internationally.


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