Adam Todd – CEO and developer of Digitex Futures, a cryptocurrency futures exchange that offers its customers zero fees – says that his company’s native cryptocurrency DGTX is slated to change the way individuals trade digital assets forever.

DGTX Has a Unique Way of Bringing Traders to the Table

He says that the biggest thing that DGTX has going for it is that whoever engages in trading the asset will ultimately experience commission-free trades. That means there are no third parties that will garner money or payments when we choose to trade DGTX. Users who engage in transactions will not be bogged down with any surprise charges.

This was something that Todd was very adamant about when he first decided to establish his company. He explained in an interview:

Our main differentiator is that unlike all other exchanges on the market, we don’t charge a single fee for any trade. We can sustain this through our DGTX token, which traders must purchase to participate in liquid commission-free markets. We enable traders to execute high-frequency trading strategies such as scalping that have been impossible until now.

It’s not uncommon to lose a little bit here and there on other exchanges whenever you’re sending your coins to another wallet or converting it into fiat money. For example, if you hold bitcoin through a Coinbase account and you’re looking to transfer it to USD, you might lose a small bit in the end. If you’re trading $400, you might wind up with $395 in your bank account.

It’s not that anything went wrong. It’s not that you were hacked or that you had money stolen. There was a fee involved, and this is something you’re bound to notice on several exchange platforms.

Digitex is different. Now, one might be wondering how the company makes any money by implementing zero-fee protocols. Todd explains that this is all done on purpose, and that there are several advantages to keeping additional charges out of the limelight. He states:

Once more traders learn that they can place trades over and over and even scratch them at no cost, more will flock to the platform bringing more and more liquidity which stays in the collective pool. We don’t siphon it out in the shape of commissions.

Eliminating fees improves the demand of DGTX, which means that the exchange can keep more of its native token. From there, the platform can sell small bits of its currency and garner further profits than it would from small-time fees. It is estimated that DGTX currently boasts a total market cap of more than $85 million and that units have passed through nearly 35,000 wallets.

No Fees, Bigger Funds

Todd mentions:

It’s a revolutionary new revenue model for an exchange that dramatically increases a trader’s chance of winning, and traders are discovering that for themselves in droves.

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