Cryptocurrency is the new money. Being widely adapted over the initial years of friction in acceptance, the world is ready for the innovation it is about to bring. Along with Cryptocurrency, comes the new found freedom for traders and startups. Cryptocurrency ecosystem coined a new term of raising capital – the Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Although it opened up new gates of raising funds for the tech start-ups, but with lots of advantages, ICO carries its baggage of problems too, such as –

  • An organization with physical nature of commodities cannot digitize its products hence are not able to move to cryptocurrency platform.
  • The process to reach ICO itself is very time consuming and expensive.
  • Proof-of-work poses challenges and problems like higher computation power consumption.

DICE cryptocurrency comes as a potential solution to all these challenges and opens up the advantages of digital currencies to both non-IT companies too. Let us understand the DICE Investment mining.

What is Dice?

A non-blockchain digital currency – DICE is a 1024 bit block that is generated in the process of mining.  It is a closed ecosystem of a small group of Miners who work with the Operators for validation of each transacted DICE unit. The operators can be any business entity and own the DICE.

DICE Investment Mining

Chucking the ICO bucket, DICE brings a revolutionary solution known as crowd mining. Without spending any money, the investors can support a project. The investors need not invest money but all pool in their computational power. DICE ecosystem allows the mining to happen offline too.
Crowd-mining does not require an investor to put in the money they are scared to lose but it asks the computing the power to mine DICE. It is clustered economy where one operator is connected to multiple miners.

Miner and Mining Process

A business entity who establishes the project is the operator and the miners connected with them support the mining. A miner is an investor who decides to donate his computational power to the DICE ecosystem.  Whenever a DICE validation request comes up, the miners validate the transaction and in this process, they mine new DICE units.

A miner owns the DICE it mined and its clubs with the operators to exchange them for any physical commodity. This is how a physical commodity gets its Digital Certificate (DICE).
DICE brings a breakthrough in the non-blockchain cryptocurrency known as Investment Mining.  As miners generate the DICE, the new DICE add to the capital of operators. This is how each miner becomes an investor and earns by contributing the computational power.

Final Thoughts

DICE economy brings security to the investors who become the miners by lending their computational power. With the provision of Offline Mining, brings the safety of no one using the resources of miners. Bringing the society closer, DICE economy is a new Social Economy that unites the miners and operators to raise funds with the investment of computational power from miners.
Without having to invest a large amount of money, the miners can choose to be investors and can mine for themselves too.

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