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Digital Currency Is No Biggie for Today’s Children


Today’s children are more connected to digital currency than we think. Contradictory to the previous reports which mentioned the scepticism among children when it comes to bitcoin and digital currency, it is found that over 25 percent of parents give digital currency as pocket money to their kids.

Unlike the times when parents used to put some money into their children’s piggy banks, today’s parents in UK prefer to give digital currency to their kids and many kids prefer it that way.

A survey conducted by Intelligent Environments, a financial technology company published in The Telegraph shows that the parents are increasingly paying for digital currencies which kids can use on gaming platforms or online services. The survey has found that 4 out of 10 parents don’t give pocket money to their children. Some of them choose to transfer money into their child’s bank account instead, while others are forced to pay their kids in digital money.

The change in trend can be attributed to the increasingly online interaction among children. Armed with iPads, Xbox and other electronic devices, they prefer to spend their pocket money on latest games and music than on sweets and candies. At least parents don’t have to worry about their kids’ teeth anymore.

Telegraph has chosen to publish the response form one of the candidates who took part in the survey. A North Londoner, Gary Monaghan has two kids – a son and a daughter. According to him, the tops up his son’s Xbox account and daughter’s iTunes account. Instead of asking for sweets, toys and stickers, they buy new games, in-game purchases and latest music with the digital pocket money they receive from their parents.

Even though this shift doesn’t come as a surprise, it definitely offers a positive outlook for bitcoin and other digital currencies. These kids of today are already familiar with digital transactions and once they are old enough to handle bitcoin, they will take it up like fish to water.

There are some good day ahead for bitcoin, we just have to wait till we get there.


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