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Distributed Cloud Storage Platform Storj Comes Out of Beta


The world of blockchain technology is filled with interesting concepts that will make a big impact over the coming years. Storj is one of those projects, and it has been running in beta mode for quite some time now. As of yesterday, Storj is now available to the public, and they offer registered users some free storage and bandwidth.

Storj Goes Live After Years of Development

Developing a decentralized and distributed cloud storage platform not something that can be done overnight. The Storj team has worked diligently on their platform for many years now, keeping it in beta mode for some time to collect valuable feedback from users. The company has reached the next milestone for their project, as they are officially out of beta as of yesterday. This is an exciting development, as it will show the entire world how blockchain technology can create a better cloud platform than ever before.

Everyone who signs up for the distributed cloud storage platform will be able to make use of this distributed cloud storage solution right away. Registered users can use 25GB of storage and 25GB of bandwidth free of charge every month for a one-year period. People who go over this limit will be billed for their usage above the free allowance, assuming they have payment information on file. Those who do not have payment info linked will see their rates limited until payment information is added to the account. A solid business model that can possibly entice more users to become a paid customer in due time.

There is a way for users to earn additional storage and bandwidth, though. Storj has launched a referral program so people can invite their friends. As soon as one of those referrals spends US$10, the affiliate will get an additional 50GB of storage and 50GB of bandwidth added to their account. Users can refer an unlimited amount of friends to gain more perks. It is in the best interest of all Storj users to promote this platform as much as possible so they can keep earning rewards.

For those users who become a paying customer, Storj has put some enticing price plans in place. With a price tag of US$0.015 per GB of storage per month, Storj is one of the cheaper solutions out there. Bandwidth costs a mere US$0.05 per GB per month, which is relatively cheap as well.

Considering users are paying for the convenience of having a storage solution that does not rely on centralized servers, these prices seem more than fair. Speaking of the payments, it is not yet possible to pay in Bitcoin or SJCX tokens, as there is no automatic recurring billing option in place. Manual payments for these currencies are accepted, though.

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