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DMarket Token Got Listed on Bittrex and Upbit


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DMarket, the first gaming marketplace on the blockchain, made its investors wait for the token exchange listing for some time. “Some time” means almost four months since the ICO, which was more than enough for the investors to start worrying and fuming. DMarket’s explanations, based primarily on the fact of the ongoing legal research, couldn’t defuse the situation. Even constant product updates and new important partnerships didn’t stop angry comments in DMarket’s Telegram group, including scam accusations and tough stuff like that.

However, if you are to find those comments now, you have to wear your forefinger out with scrolling up. Recent discussion out there was definitely more content and constructive. Nothing strange, as the point of controversy, faded away with DMarket Token’s long-awaited but still sudden listing on major exchanges a few days ago. Being traded on both US-based Bittrex and the South Korean largest crypto exchange Upbit is a good start for the token, as both markets are very important in cryptocurrency space. We can expect that other exchanges to catch up in the nearest future. It seems that Bittrex, for example, sees a big potential in DMarket as recently the exchange delisted lots of coins.

Now, DMarket’s investors can finally sell their tokens, and some of them have already taken the opportunity. “I sold all the coins… Good luck.” This is one of the comments on DMarket’s page on CryptoCompare, written by a guy who was definitely unpleased with the token listing delay if you look at his previous remarks. But the waiting was not in vain as the DMT price has gone up by more than 200% after the listing.

It’s obvious that DMarket’s ICO contributors have already gained some value from their tokens. And they might get more later. “Good project and bullish team = #HODL.” “$50 easily in the summer! Take notes!!!” That’s what other comments on CryptoCompare say.

The opinion about $50 looks like a dream more than a reality, but DMT does have some reasons to strengthen. The token listing is not the only big news regarding DMarket. The marketplace for trading in-game items has recently announced the release of its product version 2.0 Beta. The most important upgrade was Steam integration that allows DMarket users to trade items from the world’s biggest digital distribution platform. Other trade objects on the platform include DMarket Founder’s Mark, a collectible virtual token commemorating the start of the project. Although it’s just a vanity asset with no real use case, its price has rapidly soared from less than a dollar to more than a thousand dollars, while the total trade volume has reached 500,000 DMT. Given that a DMarket Token costs more than a dollar after the listing on the exchanges, this is quite an impressive figure.

The Steam integration is clearly a good thing, but DMarket still has to connect plenty of games directly to the platform if it is to reach the goal of creating a new global gaming economy. For that reason, it’s really important that the marketplace has already reached agreements with some notable game studios, like 4A Games or GSC Game World, and the world’s leading game development platform, Unity.

Now DMarket is totally focused on further product development, and this can benefit the DMarket Token price.

Note: this writing is not a financial advice. Always base your decisions on your own research.


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