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DMFX Financials Launches a “Mini Conference” in London


Cryptocurrencies -Mini Conference – London , BMA House

DMFX Financials is specialized in the organizing of financial events with the main topics of Trading, Cryptocurrencies, ICO’s and the Blockchain technology.

The participants are mostly people who would like to invest in these new currencies, without necessarily having a great knowledge of the subject.


The “Mini-Conferences” are hosted purposely to have up to 300 attendees or below.

They only focus on keynote speakers with different expertise in cryptocurrencies and they are being organized to make people discover the different opportunities of investments in the Cryptocurrency world.


There’s also a big conference  that is being planned for at the end of the year in Switzerland, a great opportunity for the  ICO’s and trading platforms to brand themselves and connect with the attendees directly


The next Conference will be hosted in London, June 15th, 2018 at the BMA House.

The sale has just started and all the information can be found now on their website:



One of the main goals of the conferences is also to create a direct connection between different cryptocurrencies ICO’s / Startups / Trading platforms, face to face with the attendees so they can have a reliable business and feel more secure with their investments.


About DMFX Financials: DMFX Financials, is a financial events company based in Budapest, Hungary.Founded in 2017,  DMFX Financials had launched the first successful event at the Budapest Marriott 5 Stars Hotel: http://dmfx-financials.com/gallery.php,

also, a video from the event is available on the website.

Daniel Maarek the CEO and Founder of DMFX Financials will be interviewed with  Forbes “leaders talk” show and the video will be soon available on Forbes France website.


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