In today’s digitized world, efficiencies and cooperation within industries depend on the ability of organizations and individuals to share verifiable data that is secure, standardized and machine-readable. Nevertheless, many industries still use outdated methods for sharing data that are often manual, unreliable and require heavy overhead. Dock’s blockchain solution solves these inefficiencies by enabling organizations to create credentials that are independently verifiable and cryptographically-secured.

Issuers can use Dock to create a self-sovereign, decentralized identity (DID) to authenticate their digital credentials, which are then issued to recipients. The credentials contain a reference to each recipient’s individual record and can thus be instantly verified by any third party. Because the credentials use blockchain technology, they are cryptographically secured and tamper-proof. In addition, Dock’s credentials use open standards from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that enable interoperability across platforms and applications.

With the launch of its upcoming mainnet, Dock is launching a decentralized, public blockchain that along with its open-source SDK empowers developers with the tools and infrastructure to build applications that will transform verification and credentialing.

Below are a few specific use cases that illustrate how Dock’s technology can transform industries:


Job searching and hiring can be very stressful for all parties involved.

The time it takes to run a background check is cited as the top challenge for companies screening employees and is a reflection of major inefficiencies in the current system. The credentials that a background check attempts to verify are extremely fragmented and stored across various government agencies, universities, past employers and even third-party companies that most people have never heard about. This results in a complicated and often manual process to track down the correct parties that can verify various pieces of data about the candidate, typically data that has already been verified in past background checks.

Many companies outsource verification of employment data to third-parties who profit from verifying the same basic employment data repeatedly throughout a career. By leveraging Dock when creating career credentials from the onset, the hiring process can be optimally streamlined to ensure rapid hiring and prevent candidates from falsifying their information and empowering job seekers. Dock’s credentials are instantly verifiable and can be provided at the start of the hiring process,  Job candidates can use the credentials to create digital resumes that can be shared and verified readily at the start of the hiring process, as well as be integrated across recruiting platforms and applicant tracking systems.

Dock’s technology simplifies the hiring process for both job seekers and employers, by enabling instant and reliable verification of candidates’ skills and experiences. The end results are huge savings in administrative costs, increased trust in the talent pool, and a quick turnaround that gives an employer a competitive edge in the labor market.

Supply Chain Management

Running a transparent supply chain, closely tracking raw materials and goods, and ensuring compliance by suppliers and manufacturers are crucial to managing supply chains. If the supply chain process fails to ensure the safety of the products that rely on it, there could be significant monetary and reputational consequences.

Despite its importance, supply chain management has traditionally relied on physical IDs and documents to demonstrate compliance of the parties involved. This creates major inefficiencies and uncertainties, as these documents, and the stamps or signatures authorizing them, can be easily forged and are difficult to authenticate. The authorities performing compliance checks are usually obliged to contact the various parties responsible for issuing the credentials to confirm their validity and perform manual verification. The result is slow, expensive, and could easily lead to error.

The Dock Network can transform this process by providing cryptographically verifiable credentials that cannot be forged. It allows various stakeholders in the supply chain to possess decentralized identities (DIDs) on the Dock blockchain and issue credentials that are tamper-resistant as a result of a public blockchain combined with decentralized public-key infrastructure. These credentials can be easily, quickly, and accurately verified without arduous manual steps.

Dock’s core technology can help businesses and government authorities ensure a legal and compliant supply chain with genuine goods and materials, and timely, reliable deliveries. The end results are significant savings in administrative expenses and increased efficiency.

Credentials in Healthcare

Verification processes for healthcare workers are plagued with inefficiencies and slow gatekeepers.  Verifying credentials can take days or even weeks, which can cause significant delays in filing important healthcare roles.

Through a strategic alliance, Dock has partnered with Verifiable to offer an ecosystem of credential issuers, employers, and individuals, to provide a platform for streamlining credential issuing, verification, and monitoring. With the use of verifiable credentials and blockchain technology, Verifiable’s issuing product enables issuers, such as government agencies and medical boards, to create digital verifiable credentials and a mobile app for individuals to store, share, and instantly verify in real-time. Employers utilize the platform to instantly verify and continuously monitor credential status to ensure compliance on a daily basis and avoid large regulatory fines.

With the launch of its upcoming mainnet, Dock will enable developers to build applications for issuing cryptographically secured and individually-owned credentials across a number of use cases and industries.

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