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Dogecoin Creator Jackson Palmer Isn’t a Fan of Elon Musk


Elon Musk loves Dogecoin and Jackson Palmer, the currency’s creator. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Palmer returns the sentiment, and admitted in a recent interview that he doesn’t really care for billionaires much.

Jackson Palmer: Elon Musk Is a “Grifter”

Discussing Musk, Palmer explained:

He’s a grifter. He sells a vision in hopes that he can one day deliver what he’s promising, but he doesn’t know that. He’s just good at pretending he knows. That’s very evident with the Tesla full-self-driving promise.

He says he first met Musk on Twitter several years ago. He described the South African entrepreneur’s lack of coding and computer knowledge, claiming:

It became apparent very quickly that [Musk] didn’t understand coding as well as he made out. He asked, ‘How do I run this Python [programming language] script?’ I wasn’t a fan of his. My opinion on him and all billionaires is that I don’t care much for them.

He continued his anti-Musk sentiment with the following:

About a year ago, when Musk was saying something about crypto, I said Elon Musk was and always will be a grifter, but the world loves grifters. They love the idea that they may also be a billionaire one day, and that’s the dream he’s selling. When he talks to other users on Twitter, they’re like, ‘Wow, Elon is talking to me! Maybe I can be a friend of his, or even become a billionaire myself.’

Musk responded to Palmer, stating:

You falsely claimed your lame snippet of Python gets rid of bots. Ok buddy, then share it with the world. My kids wrote better code when they were 12 than the nonsense script Jackson sent me. Like I said, if it’s so great, he should share it with the world and make everyone’s experience with Twitter better. If he does, you will see what I mean. Jackson Palmer is a tool.

No Love for Crypto?

Palmer is not a fan of the cryptocurrency space and has been critical of the industry in the past. He was also quick to say that despite the recent price dips, he doesn’t think we’re in a crypto winter. He said:

I still see heaps of money being funneled in by crypto promoters. They’re waiting for a fresh batch of fools to come in. This happens in cycles. You wait for a while for the collective memory of the world to forget about how much of a scam it is… Sadly, I wish it was the end of crypto, but it’s not. More holistically, in this system of griftonomics, hyper capitalism, rentier capitalism, increasingly people are doing nothing but making money off doing nothing. It’s kind of [messed] us all up. It’s given people this weird mental issue that five to ten years ago, people would have the common sense to say, ‘That’s weird’ are okay.


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