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Dogecoin News and Its Importance


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To stay informed about the latest trends in Dogecoin it is best to stay tuned to Dogecoin News. To start with we need to understand Dogecoin. Well, it is a crytocurrency created by Jackson Palmer who is an Australian brand and marketing specialist and Billy Markus who is a programmer in Portland. The pair never met in person but they have partnered in successfully combining the year’s two greatest phenomena: Bitcoin, and doge to form Dogecoin.

Bitcoins as we know is a crytocurrency and doge meme is an imagined syntax of a devastatingly cute Shiba Inu dog. It so happened that Palmer, who works in Adobe’s Sydney marketing department and has been following developments in the cryptocurrency world tweeted that investing in Dogecoin is going to be the next big thing and he bought the domain Dogecoin.com which was picked up on reddit, a hotbed of doge activity.

At the same time Billy Markusin Portland who was trying to program his own digital currencycame across Dogecoin.com and liked it so much that he felt he should just make this coin and he started reconfiguring sourcecode of bitcoins to turn its user-facing elements into the doge meme.Later he formed a partnership with Palmer wrote back, and the partnership and Dogecoin was launched.

Soon this crypto currency got picked up on reddit, and it instantly became popular so much so that it is now the 13th-largest cryptocurrency. According to Dogecoin News, one of the reasons for its popularity is the trend of tipping. It has become a tradition that the software geek who “performs” a “good deed” on the Internet get tips in your digital currency of choice. With easy availability of Dogecoin it is gradually becoming the most tipped currency. Hope this article enlightened you about Dogecoin News and its Importance.


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