Dogecoin News and Its Relevance

· December 31, 2014 · 7:22 am
Dogecoin News and Its Relevance

According Dogecoin News, Billy Markus who is the brain behind Dogecoin, has shared that his wife was turned off by Markus interest in Bitcoin but she finds Dogecoin so interesting that she has started mining Dogecoin herself. The reason for this sudden shift is because one can mine Dogecoin with the basic computer, unlike mining Bitcoin, which requires industrial-strength processors.

However, pair behind the Dogecoin Australian brand and marketing specialist, Jackson Palmer and Markus the programmer in Portland, say that they have no intention of competing with Bitcoin, and both are still fervent believers that it is bitcoins that have potential to change online banking.

In their words Bitcoins is a revolutionary technology and it works as a store of value because it is deflationary. However, the only drawback is that it is just highly speculative, which makes it hard to use, to spend and spread it.

Coming back to Dogecoin is a combination two greatest phenomena: Bitcoin, and doge. As we are aware Bitcoin is a digital currency or money of the future and doge meme, is the imagined syntax of a devastatingly cute Shiba Inu dog. This doge meme became a rage and Jackson Palmer was so impressed by it that he stated that it is the next big thing and people should start investing in it. People took his words seriously as Palmerworks in adobe’s Sydney marketing department and he has been following developments in the cryptocurrency world.

His tweet helped him get some encouraging replies and he decided to pursue the idea, and only in a week’s time he bought the domain These domain was got picked up on reddit, a hotbed of doge activity. Later he partnered with Markus from Portland who had been trying to program his own digital currency and who reconfigured the Bitcoin’s sourcecode to turn its user-facing elements into the doge meme and this is how Dogecoin was launched.

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