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Dogecoin Price On The Move


dogecoin logoDogecoin is still alive despite the general decline in Scrypt altcoins mining profitability over the last few months. Interestingly enough, the Dogecoin price has witnessed a temporary spike of about 50%, from a low of 22 satoshis per Dogecoin to a high of 35 satoshis per Dogecoin according to popular altcoin exchange Cryptsy. The top Dogecoin subreddit post about the Dogecoin price hike has voiced the popular sentiment that the Dogecoin price movement, as with other altcoin’s price movements, can be attributed to “Chinese whales.” This theory is somewhat correlated with the fact that the majority of the buying action occurred during the day in China, while most Europeans and Americans were fast asleep, maybe sucking their thumbs or perhaps burning the midnight candle. The Dogecoin price has since settled to around 29 satoshis per Dogecoin, a solid gain for Dogecoin as a whole. The Dogecoin community should be wondering how much of the seemingly-permanent price gain is attributable to the International Business Time’s headline from today: Cryptocurrency News Round-Up: Dogecoin’s Price Rockets, Bitcoin Stabilises, Darkcoin Drops.


Places To Hold Your Dogecoin

In preparation for the upcoming Dogecoin mining algorithm swap-up, the Dogecoin Android mobile wallet team has released a mandatory update. You can get it at the link provided or you can wait for Google’s Play Store to update. It is an easily verifiable stereotype that Dogecoin has attracted many in the younger generation. Many old souls such as myself fail to see the direct attraction of talking in a truncated and syntax-dependant language. However, to deny that language has been created, that culture has been created, and that Dogecoin is not an actual community, is a fallacy that I will leave to the mainstream media. The Dogecoin community, being younger, has sought usable mobile apps as a priority. The speed of the Android Dogecoin wallet’s timely update is evidence of that.

Other Dogecoin supporters have actually decided to hold their Dogecoin in a place where it can’t ever be retrieved, for good reason. Through proof-of-burn, the Dogeparty has been started. If the concept of a Dogeparty or a Counterparty sounds like your kind of party, I urge you to read up on proof-of-burn as it is a cryptocurrency-only innovative idea.

Places To Use Your Dogecoin When The Dogecoin Price Is High

In other Dogecoin news, there is a Dogecoin Computer Overclocking Competition that is being held. Overclocking enthusiasts, who have an undeniable connection to the Dogecoin community, are tasked with overclocking specific CPUs and GPUs and submitting their results for a chance to win parts of a Dogecoin prize pool. The Dogecoin prize pool is being crowd-funded from the community that has proven to be so generous and giving in so many other miracle-like stories; you can check out the fundraiser status here, a ‘Dogeraiser’ is what they’re calling it.

Also in the cool and good news aisle, Apriva has partnered with GoCoin, which allows Dogecoin payment processing for merchants around the world, otherwise known as “pretty darn handy.” Apriva is bringing along with it 1000 businesses that can now accept Dogecoin, along with Bitcoin and Litecoin.


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