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Dragonchain Launched as Newest Business-Ready Blockchain Platform, ICO Starts October 2, 2017


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By now, it should no longer surprise you to know that this company or that one has started getting into cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. After all, a lot has happened since the blockchain first came into the world. Many were made millionaires, but great fortunes have also been lost.

But it’s still sometimes surprising to find out which companies are actually starting to dip their toes into the water in this industry. For instance, entertainment company Disney recently announced the release of Dragonchain, its very own twist on the blockchain which it intends to deploy for the use of businesses. From concept to creation, it’s got more than a few extraordinary and interesting details.

When Disney announced its release, Dragonchain was dubbed as a way to “create cost-efficient business networks where anything of value can be tracked and traded.” It’s a fully open-source platform that anyone can get started using, and as a matter of fact, using it doesn’t require any prior blockchain expertise.

For Disney’s part, they’ve been publicly championing the core idea behind Dragonchain since 2016. It’s all about coming up with a decentralized process to handle business transactions and the use of various services on an open platform, which Dragonchain is meant to become. It’s built on top of existing blockchain technology, which means that it should work in theory. Of course, seeing it work in real time in the real world is a different matter entirely.

If you check out the official Dragonchain website now, you’ll find a number of stated goals for it as a platform. These include general ease of use and ease of integration, simple architecture, interoperability, and being currency agnostic.

Security and complete control of one’s data are also among the top priorities at Dragonchain, and when it comes to businesses, of course, those things are both of utmost importance. It’s still not clear who or what Dragonchain is ultimately going to target, but the likes of Disney surely stand to gain a lot from its future operations.

Speaking of the future, Dragonchain’s upcoming Initial Coin Offering or ICO is set to happen only 7 days from now. It’s an event that’s said to be the launch of a brand new ecosystem that’s secure, flexible, and business ready, so it’s definitely going to cater to startups and entrepreneurs who need blockchain technology features now or are thinking of becoming familiar with them for the benefit of their companies. You can sign up to be notified on the day of the ICO for the quickest update.

Ref and Image: Dragonchain


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