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Dragon’s Tale – Bet on Shrines for Rewards


Dragon’s Tale is a bitcoin casino which is single handedly responsible for bringing about a new way of gambling in the industry. It was the first casino to introduce the role-playing genre to gambling. The casino is different from the routine Vegas like casinos as it is set in a 3D virtual world and offers unique casino games.

Dragon’s Tale virtual world is made of many islands. The players’ avatars need to be leveled up in order to gain access to all the islands, which can be done by completing various quests in the island.

Dragon’s Tale being a community driven site enables players to find a warm and welcoming community that helps new players in the beginning of the game.

Shrine or Shrine Picking is one of the many exotic games offered by Dragon’s Tale. It is a really simple game to understand and play. Among other things on the islands, the players find groups of little shrines. These shrines can be bet upon.

It depends up on the player’s wit to choose the shrine that will have valuable bitcoins. The player needs to bet upon the shrine they think will have biggest prize. Players can even bet on all the shrines, and they might even get a full award higher than the amount expended.

It is purely a luck based game and does not really warrant any strategy or practice from the players. It simply depends on the luck of the player. If the player hits the right shrine, they might just win the jackpot!

The Shrines game is played at the shrine sets placed around on multiple islands in the game. You can bet on a single shrine box or you can bet on multiple shrine boxes at the same time (to win, coins must appear in all boxes that you choose to bet on) to increase your winnings.

Do visit Dragon’s Tale for many such exotic games. The casino offers both skill based and luck based games, so take your pick!


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