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Dragon’s Tale Gets 10/10 for Originality


Dragon’s Tale is an online casino vastly different from its Vegas-esque counterparts. It is original and combines RPG style gaming with gambling. The casino has been operational since 2012 and its originality has spouted an entire gambling genre in the Bitcoin gambling Industry.

The platform combines the RPG style gaming with gambling. The platform places the players on a virtual island where the avatars run around playing exotic casino based games. Dragon’s Tale is one of a kind and extremely entertaining.

There is also an option of finding a mentor for your avatar in the game. The mentor is a member of the gaming community who guides the avatars through initial steps of the game.

More and more portion of the island gets unlocked along with new rewards as the player completes several quests in order to level up their character. Another cool thing about Dragon’s Tales is that you can organize tournaments and festivals, and participate in events as well as gamble directly with other players. The Bar is the best place to meet other players and engage with them.

There is an assortment of exotic and interesting games offered at the platform. There are no regular games like craps table, roulette wheel, or blackjack dealer. Rather betting can be done on almost everything on the island from benches to plants!

Signing up for an account and starting playing with having to make an initial deposit is really simple. Anyone can join Dragon’s Tale and easily start earning bitcoins. Bitcoins can be won with soldier statues that can be found throughout the game or players can simply find a rare and valuable object to win some.

Governors manage the islands at Dragon’s Tale. Anyone can become a governor and manage an island and also get paid for doing so. However, to become a Governor, a player will need to be very active and have an advanced level.

So, in case you are looking for a Bitcoin casino platform which is not like all the other online casinos, Dragon’s Tale is surely what you are looking for. The platform offers a range of entertaining games.


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