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Review: DropDeck, Blockchain Platform for Startups and SMEs


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DropDeck is a new innovation with the aim of addressing the issue of funding for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This is done through the issuance of its own digital token, Decentralized DropDeck (DDD) with the deployment of smart contracts to incentivize all token holders to collaborate with one another and complement with Artificial Intelligence development.

The DDD tokens are to be issued and distributed as the ultimate reward for its participants. The objective of DropDeck is to help funders allocate or distribute capital to companies that deserve it while receiving relevant information regarding the “Potential Score” of such company. This video explains how the Potential Scores is derived.

What is the objective of DropDeck?

The mission is to channel resources into innovation, namely innovative companies globally to improve the future quality of life of everyone.

How does DropDeck work?

In its whitepaper, a full explanation of how the DropDeck platform works is carefully described. The following is a summary of the process.

  • The fundraising companies are appraised and ranked to enable funders to invest their money in the fastest growing companies with potential.
  • Funders can lend (debt financing) or contribute (royalty financing) tokens to fundraising companies in a reliable, fast, and secure process.
  • Participants within the funding ecosystem have financial incentives to enable the funders to get rewarded for their investment. This provides a positive feedback loop, which enables funders to keep funding while attracting more funders to join the platform.

Features of DropDeck

  • Smart contracts for incentive system
  • Minimization of risks
  • Transparency in monitoring the expenses of companies
  • Instant funding for companies

How to Earn through the DropDeck token

  • Borrow DDD from funders
  • Get rewarded as a Hunter, Delegate Evaluator or Funder
  • Predict the company funding outcome correctly

To run its Crowdsale, DropDeck is teaming up with Trustdex (UK) and (Singapore), which began on November 21st, 2017 and will end on 21st December 2017. During its Crowdsale, the minimum raise for its token distribution is set at 29,999 ETH while the hard cap is 99,999 ETH.

You can get more information on the DropDeck website, blog, Telegram, Twitter, Bitcointalk ANN Thread, Bounty Campaign, or Facebook

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Official Whitelist:
Official Telegram Channel:
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