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Droplex ICO – ultra secure Blockchain


Droplex has announced a crowdsale to fund the future development of a
new highly secured blockchain. The pre-sale is available from June 30,
12:00 to July 28, 11:59.

Government agencies such as NSA and CIA are working immersly to break
the standard blockchain encryption and take control over Bitcoin and
other cryptocurrencies. It might seem like an unachievable goal, but
with the current proggress in quantum computing, they might be much
closer to achvieving their goal and the crypto community is not ready
for that. While regular computers can’t break the encryption because it
doesn’t have the required computing power, quantum computer on the other
hand would complete that task with ease.

The technology is advancing at such rate, that the birth of first fully
functional quantum computer is almost at our doorstep. And when that day
comes, bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies will become obsolete,
because a quantum computer could easily manipulate all the public
records on blockchain, thus control the entire currency. Droplex is
prepared for that scenario and offers a blockchain that will be fully
functional and secured even when quantum computers arrive and long into
the future after that.

Droplex doesn’t use the standard encryption that today’s blockchains
use. It uses a cryptography known as hash-based signatures that is known
to be resistant even to quantum computing attacks. “Our goal is to
create a secured decentralized cryptocurrency that is prepared for the
future advances in technology and will remain stable and unbreachable in
the long-term” says the lead developer of Droplex.

Other than that, Droplex is focused also at users privacy. “Bitcoin
transactions today are to easy to track down, so you’re not really
hidden even when paying with bitcoin” the team aggrees. Droplex features
a built-in transaction tumbling system, that will ensure complete
privacy even on a public blockchain.

Join the pre-sale at: http://droplex.org/ico.php

Read more about Droplex at: http://droplex.org
The project’s whitepaper:
E-mail: [email protected]


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