The People’s Cryptocurrency is gaining momentum. Today, the PlusCoin team has two big announcements for PLC token holders and DS Plus users.

But first, a little background about the project:

DS Plus is a Global Mobile Marketing Platform

For a little over a year, the guys behind the PlusCoin project have been working hard to bring loyalty promotion into the 21st century. Their mobile application, DS Plus – the first, fully user-friendly, crypto cashback system – provides an easy way for businesses to attract and retain customers.

PlusCoin has 1544 corporate partners (including Burger King, KFC, Reebok, X5 Retail Group, and McDonald’s), and the DS Plus app has been downloaded more than a million times. When users make purchases from partner enterprises, they receive huge PlusCoin rewards.

What’s next for PlusCoin?

Over the past few months, the DS Plus development team has been putting together some of the key features of the DS Plus platform. These features will turn PlusCoin into an extremely versatile currency:

  • In a few months DS Plus will be launching a fully blockchain-integrated MarketPlace, where partner enterprises will be able sell their products. It will be possible for regular people to buy the kinds of things that they actually want to buy, using PlusCoin.
  • A native P2P platform is being developed to make it possible for PlusCoin holders to trade PLC with one another. This will make it easy to integrate PLC into the greater economy, and into mobile marketing applications everywhere.
  • Being created is the MarketPlace aggregator tool, which will enable the conversion of fiat currency into PlusCoin, and vice-versa. This means that people who know nothing about cryptocurrency can come online and make purchases using PlusCoin, their money being quickly converted. This also means that businesses, not quite ready for cryptocurrency, will be ready to accept PlusCoin and get back fiat currency in no time.

Two announcements from DS Plus:

Announcement #1 – The PlusCoin MarketPlace is being tentatively released – The “Black Friday” Sale

DS Plus is ready to announce, for a limited time only, the early launch of the MarketPlace. Now is your chance to try out PlusCoin!

On the last Friday of every month, the MarketPlace will be open. These Fridays are being called “Black Fridays” because they offer a chance to get some great deals on some great products.  If you are a PlusCoin token holder, you will receive a 20% discount on all purchases.

This is essentially a test launch – a way for the development team to make sure that everything is working to their standards before the definitive launch, which will take place in a few months.

Remember – the MarketPlace will be open for only one day each month – the next Black Friday sale will take place on Friday, October 27th.

Announcement #2 – You can now earn PlusCoin just by going out for lunch!

Working with two of their biggest partners, DS Plus is announcing a new, convenient way, for users to earn PlusCoin rewards.

Simply enter a KFC or McDonald’s restaurant, launch your DS Plus app on your device, press the “Get 250 PlusCoin” button, and you will earn 250 FREE PlusCoin.

You read that right, you just have to go inside the restaurant to earn PLC – no purchase necessary! 2000 KFC and 3800 McDonald’s locations, worldwide, have been added to this program.

There really are a lot of ways to use PlusCoin!

The DS Plus app was recently translated into English, and is gradually gaining steam in Europe and Asia. Independent mobile marketers worldwide are looking at the benefits of crypto-cashback, and are lining up to integrate PlusCoin into their systems. It seems that PlusCoin really is bringing cryptocurrency to the people, worldwide.

To learn more about DS Plus and the PlusCoin project, visit

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