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Easter Egg Hunt on 1xbit Has Just Started


1xBit never fails to amaze its community by bringing something unique to the table. This year’s Easter holiday begins earlier for 1xBit, as they will start celebrating on the 15th of April.

That means a big hunt will wait for you with surprises all over the platform. Easter Bunny’s Adventure is here for the whole 1xBit community, providing generous delight through a 0.5 BTC prize pool that will award 30 people.

To be counted, all you have to do is play any slots you like from any providers available on 1xBit to collect points. The more you play, the bigger your rewards will be.

What is the Easter Bunny’s Adventure tournament?

Easter Bunny’s Adventure is a competition for the entire community, and anybody of legal age with a 1xBit account can participate. If you are not yet a member, do not worry. You can still participate in the competition if you start registering now, and you will be one step closer to the Bunny’s Adventure.

After successfully creating an account, don’t forget to hit the “Take part” button before starting the tournament, and then you’re free to select your favorite slots and enjoy your time on the platform.

The idea of the competition is pretty simple, as is the same as the traditional one where on Easter, Bunny hides the eggs, and players must discover them.

However, on 1xBit, there will be one hidden egg between each level, with a total of 7 for the whole tournament. Players must locate the egg (meet the minimum milestone) in order to get rewards. The person who discovers all of the eggs wins first place.

How can you be part of the winners?

The Easter Bunny’s Adventure promotional period starts on the 15th of April and ends on the 16th of May, meaning that you have one month at your disposal for the whole tournament.

The campaign will have a total of 25 stages through which you can progress. But to increase in level, you have to play and earn points that will get you closer to the golden egg, with the top 7 levels earning you cash prizes.

To achieve the highest level, you must accumulate an amount of points. The 25th level is the highest and requires a total of 5,000 points; as for the beginning, you will need 0-24 points for the 1st level, 25-49 points for the 2nd level, 50-199 for the 3rd, and the list goes on.

And to gain points you can play any slots from any provider listed on the platform. Do not forget that each of bet of at least 0.1 mBTC will bring with it 1 point, 0.25 mBTC will bring 3 points and for more points you have to place higher bets.

Everything you need to know about the prize

Keep in mind that the intermediate stages for receiving prizes are not important; it is the minimum stages that are important. The minimum milestone required to claim the prize is 25 – Golden Egg, 21 – Purple Egg, 17 – Blue Egg, 12 – Green Egg, 8 – Yellow Egg.

And the prizes are distributed as follow:

  • 1st place – 120 mBTC (minimum stage required – 25)
  • 2nd place – 65 mBTC (minimum stage required – 25)
  • 3rd place – 50 mBTC (minimum stage required – 21)
  • 4-5th place – 20 mBTC (minimum stage required – 17)
  • 6-10th place – 15 mBTC (minimum stage required – 12)
  • 11-20th place – 10 mBTC (minimum stage required – 8)
  • 21-30th place – 5 mBTC (minimum stage required – 4)

Why should 1xBit be your top choice?

What distinguishes 1xBit is that, in addition to the fascinating competitions that they regularly hold, they are serious about the privacy of the members’ community, which is their number one priority. As a result, they do not demand KYC or personal information.

Members may pick from a broad variety of games, over 5,000 slots to play. Users also have a multicurrency crypto account, from which they may select their preferred payment method from any of the platform’s 40 currencies options.

Finally, new players are rewarded with a Welcome Bonus of up to 7 BTC for their first four deposits. Register with promo code EASTERADV to get a 125% for your first deposit bonus.

So, this year is the year to go above and beyond and enjoy a unique Easter with 1xBit. Participate in the game and be the one to win a reward from a 0.5 BTC prize pool.

Stay up to date with 1xBit and discover what more they have in mind for its community, as they are always full of surprises:

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