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EIPlatform Recap and Latest News


Key Takeaways:

  • Phase 1 of Presell Period of EMI token ends on May 23 — Last chance to buy with 25% bonus.
  • Great interest continues to be shown by global brands, blockchain and the esports community
  • Spartak Esports’ Co-founder Mikhail Barashkov joins EIPlatform Team
  • EIP Founders Commit to Completing EIP Project According to Plan, Regardless of Amount of Funds Raised via the ICO

The Presale period of the EMI Token Sale will move into Phase 2 on May 23. After this the bonus to investors will drop from 25% to 20% until the end of the month. We urge potential investors to consider investing now to take advantage of this marvelous opportunity.

Full information is provided on the EIPlatform official website.

The EIPlatform project has continued to generate a lot of interest and support at various blockchain and esports conferences this Spring. So far in May, EIP has appeared at Chainges conference in Amsterdam, The LA Games Conference and Ethereal Summit in New York. Last week EIPlatform was represented by CEO and founder Sergey Nevodnichiy and ICO Advisor Leo Petersen at Consensus in New York and Official Representative Will Lyall at ICO Qatar.

Please check our schedule for the rest of May and June on this link.

Mikhail Barashkov joins the EIPlatform team as a founding member. He brings over 20 years of experience in financial investment industries. Additionally, he is co-founder of both Team Empire and Spartak Esports(esports division of the famous Spartak Moscow soccer club) teams and will bring valuable input to the direction of development of the project. Other recent new members of the team include Will Lyall, who presented at ICO Qatar and Kirill Kayrullin, head of media at Team Empire.

EIPlatform Project Recap

(Key Points — for a more detailed analysis, please refer to the EIPlatform website and Whitepaper and other articles here on Medium)

The Global Esports market is growing every year. Newzoo predict global revenues will reach $905.6m in 2018, up 38.2% on 2017 and reach $1.65bn by 2021.

Source: Newzoo Global Esports Market Report 2018

The esports market is very valuable to advertisers. They are mostly in their 20s and 30s, highly engaged, and have higher than average disposable income.

An increasing number of non-endemic brands are entering the marketplace. Due to the popularity of esports worldwide, it is becoming a vital part of all major brands’ marketing campaigns.

All major analysts (including Newzoo, Statistica, Nielsen, Deloitte, Kleiner Perkins, Super Data Research) agree that the esports industry is set for continued future growth. Esports is set to become a key marketing sector of the next decade.

Key Problems

  1. The esports market is complex, and it is difficult for brands to understand the best channels to reach the target audience. Consequently, marketing campaigns are less targeted, more expensive with lower ROI than could otherwise be possible. This complexity can also exclude brands with limited budgets from entering the industry.
  2. Major brands tend to only work with top teams, tournaments and streamers. Money in the industry tends to stay at the top, with little trickling down to the lower levels. This is not good for the future growth of the esports industry.
  3. The esports market is fragmented and inefficient. A large part of brands’ marketing budget is spent on research, contract administration and various intermediary/agency fees.

EIP Platform Solutions, made possible by Blockchain and Smart Contracts

  1. Advanced data management and analysis will allow advertisers to understand and target their desired audience segment more effectively. Marketing will be more profitable and brands will be able to able to get market exposure with lower investments.
  2. EIPlatform will create a global decentralized network which allows direct interaction between participants at all levels of the esports ecosphere. Brands of all sizes will be able to reach their target audience. Tournaments, teams, players and content creators of all levels will be able to monetize and benefit from the budgets of leading brands.
  3. EIPlatform technology will allow transactions to occur directly between parties to their mutual benefit. Smart contracts will provide the transparency and security currently lacking in the esports industry.

Why Invest in EMI Tokens?

Unlike many ICOs and cryptocurrency offers, EIPlatform presents a digital solution for a digital industry. Transactions within the EIPlatform network will be made using a capped amount of EMI. As platform usage increases and EIP extends its global reach, the demand for and therefore the value of EMI should increase accordingly*.

The EIPlatform concept is completely unique in the world of esports — there is currently nothing like it in esports and no other projects even come close to the scope of EIPlatform. The inefficiency and other problems caused by the fragmentation of the esports industry can only increase if it continues to grow without a solution. The Esports market needs EIPlatform.

The EIPlatform team has a unique combination of abilities with unparalleled knowledge in the world of esports, blockchain technology and marketing. They have an intimate understanding of the issues that exist in this sector and how technology can be leveraged to provide appropriate, effective solutions. They are dedicated to the project and have the passion to achieve success.

The EIPlatform founders are truly committed to the EIP project. They have a unique knowledge of how the esports market functions and are in absolutely no doubt that EIPlatform will be successful.

The ICO was originally chosen as a way of raising funding not only for financing the project but equally importantly, to raise awareness of the project and potentially attract future users of the platform. If, for any reason, the ICO falls short of the target amount, the project will still proceed according to the original plan with founders continuing to invest their own money.

To find out more about the Esports Interactive Platform, please refer to our website and whitepaper.

We welcome any questions on the EIP project, you may contact us to via the official website to find out more.

*Remember, investments can go down as well as up. We advise reading our section on Risk Factors before making any investment.


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