It’s sometimes hard to read billionaire tech genius Elon Musk and often when you think it might be a joke, the unexpected happens.

The Boring Flamethrower is the latest craze, and who knows, you might need one in case of a zombie apocalypse. However, these little stunts have their purpose, and sales are used to raise all-important capital to humanitarian improvement ventures.

Elon Musk promised to sell The Boring Flamethrowers, a total of 20,000. Within the next few days, it’s safe to assume he’ll manage to sell all of them, raising vitally important capital for what is to come next. Why not simply move some of the capital from SpaceX or Tesla?

Well, Elon Musk is very rich indeed, but most of his capital is tied to shares, properties and non-liquid assets. However, selling useless relatively cheap, made in USA products thanks to Donald Trump manufacturing initiatives, he can raise capital relatively quickly without risks.

Raising money from The Boring Flamethrower without risking assets from other portfolios, gives the company independence and freedom to develop Hyperloop technology at a reasonable pace.

The Boring Flamethrower

Although initially Elon Musk was interested only in developing future tunneling infrastructure and allowing other companies to compete and develop necessary Hyperloop technology. However, recently Elon Musk was keep to expand beyond boring tunnels for future Hyperloop, but has actively proposed Hyperloop as a solution across the globe.

Elon Musk is keen to develop Hyperloop between New York City and Washington, connecting all major cities in North Easy Megapolis, eventually connecting 50 million people with high-speed transportation.

The latest bid for Chicago – O’Hare fast speed connection and Toronto – Montreal Hyperloop are just some of the projects Elon is looking to develop in the upcoming years. However $10 million raised pales in comparison to what is required for such very expensive projects which is why he put The Boring Flamethrowers for sale at

Hyperloop just between New York City and Washington, DC could cost billions. The sales for The Boring Flamethrowers are helping move the pace of the development in the technology along. You can order yours today at

According to their website at is now accepting the cryptocurrency, the going rate for one Bitcoin today? A lot, and you can buy a whole or a piece and there is a limited amount. The tricky part is its value is still very volatile.

Steven Daves, The Boring Company

Operations head at The Boring Company, Steven Davis, said:

Nothing like Bitcoin has ever existed before, so how do you value it? Well the market is trying to determine that.

Bitcoin transactions are done online and are anonymous, your account is only known as a code. Steven relies on agencies to translate its worth to US dollars but it’s allowing an easier way to transact over the internet.

No middleman exists in cryptocurrency transactions and in Steven’s case, Bitcoin can be used straight from his online account, some details like insurance are still being worked out.

The Boring Flamethrower is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, go ahead and visit and you’ll now see the Bitcoin logo as an accepted payment. To make a payment with Bitcoin, you’ll have to have a Bitcoin wallet set up with funds in there and once that’s done is extremely straightforward. Go ahead and select the product that you want to purchase and add it to your cart. Once you have the product, click add to cart and it will bring you to the shopping cart. If you need to add more, you can certainly do that, but once you’re ready to checkout just follow the sales process.

If you’re a new customer, just click the secure checkout button and this will bring you into the cart where you can then enter your shipping and billing information. Once you’re down to the section labeled payment method you’ll see Bitcoins as a method.

This is going to then bring you to an order confirmation page where you can look over your order one final time before you submit it! Hit the confirm button and you’ll be brought over to the Bitcoin payment page.

All you need to do now is click the pay with Bitcoin link if you have a wallet on your computer or mobile device. Just scan the QR code on your screen, and in a few seconds the pay with Bitcoin link will disappear and it will switch over and tell you that your payment has been completed. The text will indicate your payment has been taken care of and will show you exactly how much Bitcoin you’ve paid, you can then continue on for your order confirmation number and a thank you screen.

Your order will ship out just like you paid out with any other payment method without any delay. Visit to order your very own “not” a flamethrower.

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