Elon Musk – the South African entrepreneur behind majorly successful companies like electric car firm Tesla and SpaceX – is back in the news promoting his favorite cryptocurrency Dogecoin. While the man has consistently made a name for himself in the world of bitcoin and went as far as to purchase $1.5 billion worth of the world’s number one digital asset by market cap in recent months, Musk is again reverting his attention back to the joke cryptocurrency with a cute little Shiba Inu dog as its mascot.

Elon Musk and His Constant Push for Doge

In a recent tweet, Musk commented that he was going to send a Dogecoin to the “literal moon,” meaning he was going to take one of his SpaceX rockets and fly a literal Doge to the heavenly body and leave it there. Naturally, everyone felt it may have been an April Fool’s joke considering the day the tweet emerged on the internet, but for those of us who know Musk and his crypto antics on a stronger level, we can’t help but feel like this is something he really wants to do.

Of course, accomplishing such a feat would be a rather difficult thing to achieve. The first major problem with this scenario is that Dogecoin is a digital currency, hence it does not exist in physical form – only in binary numbers and code. Unless Musk means he’s planning to buy Doge and print it out on a paper wallet, then fly the paper wallet to the moon and leave it there, it’s unlikely he’ll ever be able to leave a Dogecoin on the lunar surface of Earth’s closest neighbor.

Then again, who knows what could happen in a couple of years? As cryptocurrencies become more mainstream and legitimate, maybe someone somewhere will find a way of duplicating all these currencies and creating physical forms for all of them – bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. From there, we can trade these assets and use them the way we would paper money.

The Twitter message read:

SpaceX is going to put a literal dogecoin on the literal moon.

CNBC reporter Michael Sheetz was quick to respond to the tweet and was one of the few that isn’t doubting Musk’s words. He commented:

I know it’s April Fool’s, but I don’t for a second question that he means this. After all, SpaceX’s first payload to orbit and back was a wheel of cheese.

Could This Be Done?

Still, though, the cheese existed in physical form, so again this could be an issue Musk wasn’t considering at the time of his latest tweet. In the long run, Musk has acknowledged in the past that he makes jokes about Doge and other forms of crypto, and that people shouldn’t take him too seriously. He has stated:

I make jokes about Dogecoin, but they are really meant to be jokes.

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