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Encrypted Online Notepad — Passphrase.io


Passphrase.io is an encrypted notepad whose encryption is on par with that of blockchain. Do you remember the article about brain wallets and how Brainflayer, a software developed by Ryan Castellucci can hack into them? If you have missed it by any chance, you can find the link below.

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Passphrase.io is a zero knowledge notepad that offers an ideal place for storing sensitive data. Storing sensitive data like passwords, login details etc. in a normal word document or scribbling it down on a piece of paper is a bad idea. The data on a text file can always be accessed by someone else and the piece of paper may get lost or just disintegrate after a while. The Passphrase.io application comes in handy in these cases.

Using Passphrase.io is simpler than composing an email and you don’t even have to hit send once done writing. All you has to do is visit the Passphrase.io webpage and start writing. If is for the first time, then you have to enter a passphrase and then continue writing. Once done, hit save and close the browser.

The next time you want to access the content, just go to the same webpage and enter the pass phrase previously entered and access the content. If you forget the passphrase, the content will be lost forever. There is no way it can be recovered.

Passphrase.io uses multilayer encryption to protect the data. Once you hit save while on the application, the content will be encrypted with AES-256 encryption algorithm and then a SHA-256 hash is run on the entered passphrase.

The SHA-256 encryption algorithm is similar to that of bitcoin. Losing the passphrase is similar to losing the private key of a bitcoin wallet. There is no other way of recovering it. Even the tech team at Passphrase.io, on whose server the content will be hosted won’t be able to determine the content of your document or the passphrase.


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