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Novel Blockchain Protocol Achieves Ten Times Better Prediction Accuracy Than Existing Systems


Individuals and small businesses have been deprived of several opportunities as a result of their inability to pay for accurate trend predictions elements. This inability to gain access to appropriate Artificial Intelligence and specific Machine Learning capabilities means that this group does not have the necessary capability to compete with their more established counterparts in the business environment.

A level playing ground

In order to bridge the gap and offer a level playing ground for every individual or business in the ecosystem, Endor is creating a blockchain-enabled decentralize platform for predictive analysis. This platform will function to fully decentralize and democratize the processes of trend prediction by making artificial intelligence accessible to all.

Powered by MIT’s novel Social Physics technology the Endor blockchain based protocol is the first decentralized, trustless, censorship resistance behavioral prediction platform that provides high-quality results for any predictive question in minutes. No coding, data cleaning, or a team of PhDs required.

“Social physics involves a set of mathematical patterns that are guaranteed to be embedded in any human-events dataset (financial investments, web browsing, calls to call center, e.t.c). This dataset is used to finds dynamic signals in human behavior data that  no other method          can sense, hence detecting emerging behavioral patterns before they become visible to others.”



An effective democratization

Therefore, instead of the resource demanding, time-consuming and exclusive process of building a specific model for each predictive question, the Endor protocol provides one social sphere of human behavior and asks unlimited predictive questions. This is what enables the democratization of predictive science as mentioned above.

Behind this project are two renowned experts, the projects CEO, Dr. Yaniv Altshuler, who has authored over 60 scientific papers and filed 15 patents. Altshuler established Endor in 2014, after inventing Social Physics with Prof Pentland while at MIT. Also the co-founder, Prof. Alex Pentland who invented Social Physics science, and is known as “one of the worlds 7 most powerful data scientists”- Forbes. Pentland is also a Director of the MIT Media Lab,  Board member at Google, AT&T, Nissan and a leader of the World Economic Forum.

Unlimited prediction opportunities

Among other benefits, the Endor protocol will give users the opportunity to ask any predictive question and get immediate and accurate predictions without needing any PhDs. Participation will be made possible through the implementation and use of the platform’s utility EndorCoin (EDR) token. This token will enable proper decentralization and boost growth with automated predictions.

For both individuals and all levels of businesses, this is an effective process to provide a level playing ground that would make for healthy competitions within the ecosystem. The need to pay heavily or embark on complex and complicated technological processes before assessing proper prediction resources will thereby be eliminated.

The EndorCoin protocol is fully-decentralized, providing complete accountability for the prediction results. This prevents any manipulation or bias during of the predictions. In addition, the decentralized and open nature of the protocol enables the support of any prediction, preventing censorship by any single point of authority. This protocol provides up to 10 times higher accuracy for trends prediction.


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