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EOS Block Producer Responds to Whiteblock Report


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One of the block producers has responded to the claim by Whiteblock that EOS was just a glorified cloud service and lacked some attributes of a blockchain.

The Controversial Study

Recently Whiteblock, a blockchain testing firm had conducted a benchmarking experiment on EOS blockchain. The findings from the two-month long research were published by the firm in a paper available on its website.

According to the report, EOS lacked some necessary attributes expected in a blockchain like immutability and claimed that the architecture of the protocol was heavily centralized.

The paper said that architecture was centralized and too much power resided with EOS block producers giving them an opportunity to collude with other block producers for mutual benefit.

Live Bitcoin News had earlier today published an article with the details of the controversial paper.

eosDublin Responds

One of the block producers based in Ireland, eosDublin responded to Whiteblock’s report on its official blog earlier today.

The post reads:

It’s natural to be annoyed when someone throws stones at your community. We are all deeply invested not just financially but emotionally, this stuff matters to all of us.

Taking a jibe at ConsenSys, a firm that promotes Ethereum and had commissioned the research, the blog states:

You could feel the outrage build in the EOS community as they digested the report which was paid for by a company highly invested in a competing technology.

eosDublin mockingly states that Whiteblock’s approach and the process had been inaccurate, calling it “sloppy.”

Trying to sound unperturbed by the report, the post says that the block producers preferred to “work building great stuff” than responding to the findings earlier.

Arguing that there was no point having a blockchain which “can’t scale and serve real customers,” eosDublin goes on to state that they will continue to work on scaling up EOS, Worbli, and other blockchains before the need arises.

Although the block producer has not named any specific blockchain, the jibe seems to be aimed at Ethereum which has not yet been able to resolve the scalability issue.

The post concludes by saying:

EOS is 5 months old. We have just started to learn how to crawl. Just watch in awe at the next 5 months.

The war of words has broken out and can be expected to intensify as Whiteblock has said that it would live stream the EOS benchmark tests later this month.

Are you convinced with the response by eosDublin to the research findings? Let us know in the comments below.

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