Lisbon, Portugal/ November 10, 2021 / Escrow Protocol, a decentralized funding platform made to protect investors from investment loss, announces the release of its first platform features and an upcoming exchange listing. Investors and projects within the crypto space, eagerly await to usher in the new digital era of investing.

Escrow Protocol is a Blockchain-based Web3 platform where investors can fund start-ups with extended control of their financial contributions. Funding is released based on the projects’ successful completion of pre-determined Milestones. The Escrow Protocol acts as a digital middleman that uses smart-contracts to enforce the to be respected parameters of funding conditions. In a crypto world where 90% of startups fail as they get all the funding at once upfront, projects often don’t know how to plan and roadmap for the long term, resulting in this extremely high failure rate. Escrow’s milestone solution would enhance the chances of success of a startup as well as the return on investor’s funding through the many DeFi features the app is going to offer its users. A platform like this is a great step forward to establishing a safer, more secure and transparent way to invest in crypto startups.

Escrow secures investors’ funds through the time-honored practice of putting funds into escrow; then using community governance and smart contracts to release pre-arranged payouts for specific project developments that both parties have agreed to fulfill prior to fundraising.

In addition, Escrow held funds are allocated to Yield-Farming protocols, maximizing value appreciation through interest gains while waiting for pay-out on future funding targets, giving investors the best of both worlds. Saving & Investing in one.

Why Escrow?

Escrow is working towards positioning itself to become the standard of secure investments for both retail and institutional investors, opening doors to the New Digital World. With the many benefits in new technologies available, the project will implement unprecedented manners of financial interaction.

Being a first mover in the space, the platform is set to replace traditional escrow services with the power of the blockchain and governance mechanisms.

Should a funded projects’ development not be satisfactory, the investor community can vote to block further funding releases and return the invested money. Escrow held funds during development are appreciating on Yield Farming Protocols where over the course of 1 year the protocol is able to generate 15-20% in interest gains.

There is no need for any Start-Up to sit on gigantic sums of raised money for months or years while they are developing the basic infrastructure of their project. Instead of the entire raised capital being received by the project, it is released in pre-arranged sums. This allows investors to remain in control of their funds, and motivates the start-up to deliver quality results in a timely manner.

Escrow Protocol Web Platform Release

The company has announced the first release of the Web3 platform which will include features like User Registration that mints a unique NFT based ID-Card to access the site.
In addition users will be able to start utilizing the platforms’ staking pool where they can deposit their ESCROW earning up to 15% APY on their tokens. New features will be released in sections as developments get completed on a bi-weekly basis. It is expected to have the final release in early 2022, allowing for the first projects to premiere on Escrow Protocol for their fundraising rounds.

The Team has indicated that an exchange listing is imminent and will be announcing the date soon. Rumor has it that a Top Tier Exchange listing is in the works, getting Escrow off on a great start. In the meantime, the community is getting ready to secure their spots on the web3 platform and is excited for the public offering of ESCROW tokens, shaping a new era for crypto investing.
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