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Esports crypto betting has become a trend in recent times as the accessibility of the gaming type has continually improved. Nowadays, both small vendors and many reliable Esports bookies are largely used by cryptocurrency, thereby enlarging betting markets in Esports. You can read more on CryptoBetting to find out the best crypto betting sites for Esports.

What is Esports?

As the name states, E-sports means electronic sports, this involves multiplayer video games which are played by thousands of persons at the same time. Just like regular sports, Esports have their renowned competitors and stars also. Many famous game types in Esports range across online strategy games following the conventional battle arenas to FPS (1st person shooter) games. Among the most followed E-sports events include Evolution championships, Intel extreme masters, and the much-loved League of Legends (L.O.L) championships. Thanks to technological advancements, individuals can easily view these games while they are being played. With this nature of E-sports, individuals can place bets on several happenings while the game is going on, this includes the possibility of crypto betting.

At the moment, the best crypto betting games in E-sports are those which involve multiplayer battle games such as Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Dota 2, League of Legends

The most popular Esports games

Esports crypto betting is now recognized as other sports betting competitions. Hence, many games are now accessible for betting with Bitcoins, the most viewed and most gambled games include:

Dota 2

It is an online battle arena multiplayer game which is well-liked. The gameplay involves 5 players each in 2 groups who combine against the enemy. Each player controls a separate character with their own unique abilities, and they get stronger and more skilled at defeating enemies.

League of Legends

Another crypto betting game is also a very famous battle arena game e-sport bettors can bet on in real-time. Players team up in this ferocious game. The game has been able to couple up conventional role-play with real-time strategy excellently and is a favourite among E-sport lovers. The gameplay involves two opposing teams fighting each other in the various maps and modes.

StarCraft 2

Also, another real-time strategy game, StarCraft 2 is available for crypto betting. In this game, using few resources at hand, the players set up buildings and battle units. To end up as the winner, players must do away with the opposition’s buildings and units.

Mortal Kombat X

E-sports bettors can also use crypto in betting on this game. It involves both players fighting each other. What has sustained mortal kombat over the years is its exciting attack moves and horrifying finishes. Also, the gameplay permits fighters to interact with the environment, moving from place to place and using weapons available in the background. All the fighters have 3 varying combats, with their unique techniques that can be used when fighting.

Heroes of the Storm

Another Crypto betting game available, the concept in the game is that in a single game, you are to acquire the entire Blizzard world. Like other Multiplayer Online battle arena games, it involves two teams, each made up of 5 players who control single characters. The aim is to defeat the enemy stronghold.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

This is a favourite amongst E-sports fans. The gameplay involves both teams fighting in different settings. While a team tries to carry out its own mission, the other team aims to stop them. It is a huge fan-favourite and heavily bet on by crypto E-sports bettors.

What are the Betting markets available in E-sports crypto betting?

Tournament Winner

Many sportsbooks provide bettors with the opportunity of betting on who will win the tournament. When betting on the tournament winners, some factors bettors are to consider include the updates to the games, the form of individual players. Hence to succeed in such markets, E-sports bettors have to consider such factors.

Match Winner

Another type of bet is betting on who will win the match. The same factors considered when betting on the tournament winner should also be considered when betting on the match winner but on a lower level. Compared to the tournament winner, it is less predictable, because even though a team may win the tournament, it could lose an individual match on the way up.

First Map

This is another betting market for E-sports bettors. Sportsbooks permit bettors to wager on who will win in an individual map. In this sort of betting, being knowledgeable about the map pool of the team gives you an edge over others. A good analysis of the team play styles and their approach to the game is also important.

First Kill/First Blood

This involves betting on the team that will make the first kill. This is quite significant as early leads could have long-term impacts on the early-mid game.

Over/Under Bets

Many series in Esports are best of threes, though sometimes best of fives or best of twos occur. Sports bettors are permitted to bet on whether a series will go over/under. Hence, for a certain pay-out, when it’s a best of threes, sports bettors can bet on it going above 2.5 maps. In First Person Shooter games, this is bet as per the number of rounds.

Odd/Even Betting

This is a bet on whether the addition of the scores of both teams will be even or odd. For instance in a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive match, bets can be placed on whether the entire rounds which a team wins will be odd/even.

Most Kills

This involves betting on the team or an individual player who will have the highest kills by the end of the game. This is a good bet since you can gain if you bet rightly, even if the team does not end up winning the game.

Correct Score

In this bet, this involves rightly predicting the scores of the game and earning when you predict correctly.

There are various betting markets also exclusive to certain E-sport competitions and games now that the industry has boomed in recent years. Hence, with the coming of crypto betting into play, even more, markets will be offered by more Bookies in the nearest future.



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