Ethbet has proposed to develop a unique dice gaming platform which, in addition to being decentralized, is also without a house edge.

The proposal comes at a time when even the so-called trusted casinos on the web are openly indulged in, as one aptly puts, “legal stealing.” House Edge is real, and a monstrous deal every player has to sign in order to play. It allows casinos to earn a considerable commission on each bet played. So even if you win, say, a dollar, what the casino will pay you is a reduced win. Dicing is among most of the games that are affected by the House Edge issues.

“If a player places 100 bets, they are expected to lose 1% of each of those 100 bets, making it increasingly difficult for the player to turn a profit, inevitably leading to gambler’s ruin (the player running out of funds),” states Ethbet.

The platform allows betting to be placed without needing middlemen. Therefore, a player can directly bet against another player, cutting off the probability of house edge entirely. It naturally saves players much more than a trivial amount. They can now make thousands of bets without worrying about losing more and more money over time.

Ethbet believes in the potential of such a provably fair and transparent platform. It will be likely to acquire more users with time, which would leave early investors with attractive returns as a whole. Ethbet is sure about its findings and provides the case studies of fellow gaming projects whose tokens’ value skyrocketed with time.

That being said, the upcoming ICO brings considerable investment opportunities as much as it lays a strong foundation towards the development of Ethbet platform. The team stated:

“Ethbet’s crowdsale is set to begin on September 17th at 8 PM UTC, finally giving its supporters a chance to get in on the profit that Ethbet’s future growth will generate. As the crowdsale is capped at only 5,000ETH, it is predicted to sell out and close its doors to new investors long before its 4-week deadline is hit.”

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