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Ethereum Classic Attack Pool Under DDoS Attacks


Ethereum Classic attack pool, an initiative developed to launch a 51% attack on the ETC network, experienced a series of DDoS attacks earlier today, on August 1.

The pool, called 51pool.org, was designed by an unidentified entity to essentially take control over the ETC network by obtaining majority of its computing power.

Such an attack is typically initiated by miners or a group of supporters of an opposing project to execute a majority hashrate attack, which grants the attacker ability to change transaction history and prevent transactions from being confirmed.

The ETC attack pool was most likely hit with a series of DDoS attacks by the supporters of Ethereum Classic, as a warning against their unethical behaviour and practices.

Growth of Ethereum Classic

In contempt of numerous attempts to attack the ETC network with a majority hashrate attack, Chinese miners including Chandler Guo believes the growing hash power will make Ethereum Classic virtually impossible to be attacked.

Guo, who initially threatened the Ethereum Classic team to launch a 51% attack with his large share of hash rate, stated on July 31 that he will be transferring 1200 GH/s of computing power to Ethereum Classic, to “protect that chain from any 51% attacking.”

Guo and other miners have recognized an overwhelming support from the Ethereum community for Ethereum Classic, with an increasing number of exchanges listing the ETC coin. The growing market cap and popularity of Ethereum Classic have reversed Guo’s initial decision to attack the chain.

“With Ethereum growing in market cap and popularity, more and more exchanges have launched ETC trading,” said Guo. “I decided to move my 1200 GH/s to Ethereum Classic for protect[ing] that chain from any 51% attacks.”


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